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5 Responses to 3GP Podcast – Episode 13

      • Heh well you did good despite how tired you were. 🙂 Oh and to clarify my response to your random podcast question, I actually would go on a podcast if wanted, I’m just not sure how I would be on it. But I think it’d be fun. XD You guys should try to do a podcast or hangout with everyone… like a Fancast. That would be interesting. 🙂

  1. So here are the final results for the categories I made guesses about for the Oscars:

    Sound Editing:
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Skyfall
    Winner – Skyfall, Zero Dark Thirty (TIE)

    Sound Mixing:
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Skyfall
    Winner – Les Miserables

    Film Editing:
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Argo
    Winner – Argo

    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Skyfall
    Winner – Life of Pi

    Vissual Effects
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Life of Pi
    Winner – Life of Pi

    Original Screenplay
    Ja-Mez’s Pick- Zero Dark Thirty
    Winner – Django Unchained

    Adapted Screenplay
    Ja-Mez’s Pick: Silver Linings Playbook
    Winner – Argo

    Animated Feature
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Brave (Should be Wreck it Ralph)
    Winner – Brave

    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Ang Lee
    Winner – Ang Lee

    Supporting Actress
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Anne Hathaway
    Winner – Anne Hathaway

    Best Actress
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Jennifer Lawrence
    Winner – Jennifer Lawrence

    Supporting Actor
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Christoper Waltz
    Winner – Christopher Waltz

    Best Actor
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Daniel Day Lewis
    Winner – Daniel Day Lewis

    Best Picture
    Ja-Mez’s Pick – Argo
    Winner – Argo

    Total: 10/14