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14 Responses to Comic 567 – “Sick”

  1. Aww poor Errol. I always get sick after cons too. They seem to be germ fests no matter how careful you are.

    • I always get sick AT the cons. Usually Sunday night. It’s terrible. Hope you both recover quick! In hindsight all you will remember is the con, the sick will be a passing after thought. Trust one who has experienced it for years…

  2. Sorry you two are not feeling well! Maybe tomorrow can be a Debs Art comic! We’ve not had one of those for a while!

  3. on a boat, (not saying Amon a boat, sorry) and came up with a TMNT joke I had to share….

    why does the foot clan never have to worry about identity theft? because they have a shredder!

    and if you made him out of origami, he’d be a paper shredder. just don’t try to make him out of wood, or you might get a splinter.

    edit: on a boat with a Jez

  4. Feel better soon, Errol! (More than just allergies, huh?)

    (This has got to be the least amount of talking Errol has done in any comic.)

    • bah… I stumbled across the Homecoming cover post again..

      That stupid song is so beautiful, sad and hopeful and tears you up. ( pronunciation that word either way )

      sigh.. I tried not to hit play. I did. And yes, now I am singing along and will be playing it another couple times I’m sure…

      Hey Errol, sometime, can you just release the piano part of this? I’d like to record my own cover of it sometime…