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Comic 566 – “Past Errol”


Errol: Who knows what’s happening now. Maybe I’m sleeping. Or maybe my roommate has killed me.

Debs: Or maybe you’re eating chips on my bed as I update this. 😛 We have Internet!

Manda: Con-G! CON-G!!!!! I am nowhere near prepared! (seriously, I was supposed to rehearse last night but instead spent almost all of Thursday in a feverish haze…crunchtime!

22 Responses to Comic 566 – “Past Errol”

  1. Careful, past Errol! Watch out for the Langolears! (Or however they were spelled. Only S. King story I liked….)

    • Did that have to do with paradox/ time stuff? The only thing I can really remember about it is that if I want to survive I need to be asleep on a plane. Which means I get vanished into nothingness since I never sleep on planes lol. Oh and I THINK they looked like mutant pac-mans…. but that could just be my memory since its been years since I saw the movie.

  2. *Watches as imported tumbleweeds roll across the comments section*

    (Yes, I know everyone is elsewhere)

  3. I sure hope your roommate hasn’t killed you, Errol, though I’m not completely certain this is an absolute impossibility? *shrug* Hope yous are having fun at ConG! 😀
    *runs and catches tumbleweed, rolling over and over the sand*

  4. Finally back to the site- been getting 500 errors every time I’ve tried refreshing all day until now.

  5. Yeah, there was something that has been messing up one of the files off and on for the last three days. Some plugin has a bug in it. I’d thought I’d found the right one and disabled it, but no.

    In anycase, I’ve made the affected file read-only now. Anyone can feel free to email me brian at if they see the site down… I’ll fix it asap. I only knew now because Debs pinged me on Google chat when she got back from the con.