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Comic 548 – “Weird Day”


Errol: Funny story. Manpans and I were running and she tells me how she was talking with a bunch of friends, and she said something which I would have run into the ground with my teasing, but because I wasn’t there, it didn’t happen. And then she told me how refreshing life was when that I wasn’t around. Thanks, Manpans. Thanks. (Cue guilt)…

Check the sidebar for all the fun stuff happening this weekend!

Manda: I do feel guilt now, even though I didn’t say that! I just joked that when I realized I wouldn’t be teased “everything was happy!” and….this isn’t helping my case…also, Errol had a grammar error, but I’m not going to correct it and I’m okay with that.

Errol: Poor Manpans.


16 Responses to Comic 548 – “Weird Day”

  1. Ohh there has been less of Errol around. FAWM eats you apparently.. though I can relate. I think I spent hours going through the forums and listening to songs. My ipod is going to be full soon. XD

    Poor Manda… enjoy this time! Errol will most likely make up for it during the podcast lol.

      • Heh. The only thing I have figured out how to ship without getting destroyed is cookies. XD But if you just want to see the pic.. sure? I kinda have a plan for most I’m making this week but I can always make it another time.

      • Oh yes! No, you don’t have to email it to me, I just wanted a pic.

        Like… if you made a Companion Cube Cake! Manpans would love it! 😀

      • That.. may take some time. I assume you’d like to see all sides (except the bottom) like the cube after all. I’ve seen some that just do the top of the cake… not as pretty though.

      • If you actually want to eat those requests you’ll have to come get it yourself. I am not going too crazy making stuff that will just sit around my house for awhile (not to mention having to buy supplies). I might do one or two requests after TAD (the portal cake alone would take more than one day most likely) and then we’ll see how things go. Who knows… I might actually find a job by then… lol.

        Although… if it’s just for a picture.. I may do a dummy cake then and fondant/decorate a Styrofoam shape. If that doesn’t bother anyone.

      • Could you do shaped fondant on cookies? So you have small shippable things that are cheaper to make, that you can play with shapes of? If so… I want to see a dragon!

      • Well I could do fondant on cookies…. but I have no dragon cutters. I suppose I could special order some.. unless I adapt the dinosaur one I have lol. Royal icing works just as well if not better. I’d probably do a combination if I did decorate cookies. I don’t really like to do that normally. Most cookies I make are served plain with nothing added. XD