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Comic 549 – “Deduce”


Errol: My wife likes the BBC Sherlock series, which is great, because I like it too. Other than knitting and running, it’s one of the things we can share together. 😀 I mean, there are other things we could share together, but then Manpans gets mad at me when I talk about that.

Manda: Since Errol started watching Sherlock, I’ve been waiting, oh so patiently for him to get to this episode. To me, it’s one of the single greatest episodes of any television ever. It floored me when I first watched it and yes, it fooled me too and I loved it all the more. And if I describe it any more than that, I give plot away. It makes me think and I too needed an hour afterwards just to take it all in. It made me very happy to see Errol have the same response. I still watch the last 15 minutes of it every once in a while still. yes, I find it THAT good :D. And now I can finally TALK about it with other people!


17 Responses to Comic 549 – “Deduce”

  1. I’ve been wanting to start Sherlock. It’s on Netflix but supposedly each season is only 3 episodes (and there are only 2 seasons). Is that right? Or is it a weird Netflix thing and I’ll need to find it elsewhere. I don’t want to start it if the whole thing isn’t there.

  2. Jezbel: yes, it’s currently six episodes long. However, each episode lasts for ninety minutes. It’s more like a series of films than it is like a series of television episodes. And you really do need to start watching it now. Manda, if you ever want to discuss the whole series, I’m happy to do so.

    Debs and Errol: apparently, the kids who were at the filk circle yesterday have been singing the narwhal song incessantly this morning. EARWORM ACHIEVED.

    • I felt bad because I had to take my egg shakers back at the end of the night (I need them today and won’t have time to get new ones before rehearsal). But apparently, the kids already own some, so it’s all good. The little girl got some nice rhythms going during some of the songs.

  3. In case you didn’t catch my comment during the concert yesterday Errol, I would advise knitting while you watch BSG as a way of catching up with it…

  4. My husband had me watch the first episode of the show, and I really can’t say why I haven’t watched more. I think it’s because he went on to watch the rest without me, and I just haven’t gotten back to it myself. I should go do that soon.

  5. Heh thanks! 🙂 I’m glad everyone liked how it turned out. I enjoyed making that one… though Errol’s smile face was hard to do lol.

  6. Now wait till you get to the END of season two…

    There are lots of interesting touches and attention to detail in this series.. For example how the blog post Watson is typing in s2e1 floats in front of the curtains, yet behind the steer head on the wall…

    Other tricks are neat too…

  7. I just finished season 1 of Sherlock. OMG!!! SO good! And ugh cliffhanger. I’m torturing myself by waiting until tomorrow to watch season 2 now. XD