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Comic 550 – “Song Reviews”


Errol: My Filk friend Phil pointed this out, my video was longer than the song I reviewed. It is kinda funny, that. I don’t know why I do it. Actually, it’s so I can knit and not type. 😀

30 Responses to Comic 550 – “Song Reviews”

  1. I do think a policy of always listening to a song or glancing at the lyrics before doing your review as the song plays could POSSIBLY add a new dimension to your video review process 🙂

  2. Jez, you changed the colors on the cherry blossom, so as to not use pink? This is me, dying of shock! (See, I can figure out how to use sarcasm occasionally. Sort of. Kinda.)

    • That wasn’t the actual reason but it was a nice added bonus. Besides I used pink in my first two cakes… XD

      • The person who brought Catan had a custom made set, and all the resources are these cool little wooden pieces. So the sheep look kind of like sheep. Well, when we were cleaning up, I dropped some. I thought one had fallen in my bag, I fished it out and packed it up. Then we got a message, a sheep was still missing. Found it in my bag at school today.

  3. @ Errol – to follow up from the email, she just posted for the first time. Must get her a gravatar. Anyone want to take bets on if she chooses LOTR?

    And now Jez knows who the she is.

    • Umm I knew who she was the moment I saw the first post. It wasn’t exactly a hard puzzle to solve XD

  4. I am a fan of your Totoro! Have you seen the Doctor Who crocheted figures that have been floating around? They’re incredible!

  5. I wonder how come I can’t post on your FB page. It said that I have subscribed, not that I am a friend, and I see no place to post-to-page. <<—- @Errol

    • I want to show you a photo of my very first attempt to hand dye my own yarn (alpaca / wool blend). It was pretty easy, got a nice pastel variegated color(s).

      (P.S. typing on a cell phone, making mega mistakes!)

  6. Your video comment was frustrating because I couldn’t interrupt and correct you! I think I’m going to have to send you one…eventually…