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Comic 556 – “New Job”


Errol: Now, I’m not saying their lives are dull without me. Definitely not. I have no idea what they do though, so maybe I should start getting them to give me comic suggestions of Debs and Manpans fun. πŸ˜€

Manda: I DID have soup! It was delicious.

Debs: I want soup! Ja-Mez just asked if I needed anything form the store and I asked him for an onion for my belt, which was the style at the time and can also be used to make soup.

Manda: It CAN! OH, glorious onions, you make all the soups delicious but you’re awful to chop up. I don’t think there’s a soup without onion…wait, i have dessert soups in my recipe book, never mind :D. I could go on and on about soup. This is what happens when Errol leaves.

24 Responses to Comic 556 – “New Job”

  1. Congrats on the job Errol! It IS quieter around here now.. XD

    Soup is good. Onions not so much but I don’t mind them if they are tiny and disintegrated so that only the flavor is there. It’s too warm for soup though… I need to be cold in order to eat it. *is in Florida for those that don’t know… it’s warm here*

  2. I can dice an onion like nobodies business. I’m all chop-chop-chop and vwoosh, diced onion, there you go.

  3. Actually, my mom makes soup without onions because I’m allergic. She keeps saying she is going to teach me, but it just never happens. Le sigh.

    Glad your job is going well, Errol!!!!! :: goes to check linked in::

    • There’s a tomato vegetable soup my mom taught me how to make when I was 13, I think, that I made so often that it came to be known as “Debbie’s soup”. I still make it and it’s tons of yum. Other than that, I never liked getting into the kitchen to learn things.

      • I didn’t either… until my mom stopped cooking as much. I miss the dishes enough to be willing to learn how to make them.

  4. Maybe about to head out. But baby and I spent to day watching Totoro and Kiki. And now my grandmother likes Miyazaki.

      • Lol, no, watching the baby is a multi-generational activity. My folks were out running an errand, leaving Grandma and I to see to the little bit. She’s 2 years old, and loves Swahili music, and now Totoro.

  5. Getting a knitting lesson. So far I’ve fetched a bag. Gotten wool that was rejected and am now watching all the things “you’ll learn later”. Not sure if I’ll actually ever get to touch the needles…