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Comic 557 – “Locate”


Errol: Did this happen? No. Does Debs sometimes call Manpans to find me? Yes. Poor Manpans.

Manda: The weird thing is, I can now usually deduce where he is or what he’s doing.

Debs: * Laughs * Well part of it is that I assume that if he’s not with me there’s a good chance he’s with Manda. Last night I told Errol we had to do a really time-sensitive SpinTunes thing. He said “later”. “Later” came and went. I texted, G-chated and called over a period of several hours…nothing. Then I asked Manda and she said he had just dropped her off. Case in point! 🙂 

11 Responses to Comic 557 – “Locate”

  1. Good thing this round is so short. It doesn’t take long to listen to them and I assume you guys listen multiple times to get all the nuances and such. The actual writing of the reviews will probably take longer than listening to the songs do lol. XD

    • * Laughs * Yeah, for sure 🙂 I spent all of yesterday writing reviews that Errol can go in and add to now but haven’t finished with rankings yet. But there are some that I love LOVE! 😀

      • Yeah they were very creative with the theme (there are a couple I know I’ll be constantly playing). I know it had thrown off a lot of people when it was announced but they went above and beyond. Though it’s a good thing they shortened the required length. XD

      • Yeah, I know at least a few of them hated the challenge but one acknowledged that it was a good stretch : ) Definitely good that they shortened for sure. And I totally wish I could screech out “YES I LOVED THIS ONE PARTICULARLY” but I kind of feel I shouldn’t until results go up.

  2. Just downloaded the album to listen to after the dentist. Then I can read your comments on the previous post and follow along.

  3. Debs and Manpans should do more projects together. Projects where they don’t mention Errol. 😛

  4. So my dad is listening to something on line that is supposed to be from the Canadian Parliament talking about zombie apocalypse… Is this real?