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Comic 558 – “Sparse”


Errol: Is it Valentine’s Day today? Yes. Did I actually do a comic about it? No. But Manpans gave me this idea for this comic! 😀

Manda: I should try to comment more, but it’s getting harder at work :D. Last night I was up late again practicing some lines with Errol. Then we played Scratches, which is this horror adventure game in which nothing actually really happens but there sure is a lot of tension. Even if nothing big happens when we play, I’m freaked out enough after to imagine all sorts of spooky things happening in my small apartment. Then sleep gets tough. Stupid game. All we did was dig last night!

47 Responses to Comic 558 – “Sparse”

  1. Happy SAD! XD

    And.. I guess it would depend on what Errol does at work and if it could be made into a comic. I’d be interested to see at least one though. 🙂

    • Yes, happy SAD. I have Grandma patrol again, though this year is the best it’s been. We’re watching a movie, and eating pizza and zeppolies.

  2. Errol, you’re making an unfair comparison here I feel, after all this weeks strips haven’t had anything like the same number of conversation starting elements as the Sherlock one from last week. If you don’t provide the hooks to start the conversation when you first write the strip, there’s little to inspire the comments in the first place.

      • Not what I’m saying here- it’s more the difference in number of conversation hooks in the actual script the comic was built on:

        Example from last week:
        conversation elements of Sherlock, Battlestar and Knitting (plus others that I can’t be bothered to trawl back through right now- daunting comments section is daunting)

        Example from this week:
        Soup, Errol not being around due to new job (and that was pretty much it).

        This week’s scripts haven’t touched on the lives on Manda and Debs enough for the interesting bits to come out, simple as that.

      • And mine revolves around transcribing and arranging which isn’t so interesting. I keep telling Errol to do a Dodgeball comic but he hasn’t yet 😛

      • Uh… I would remember if you told me that.

        You’ve never mentioned that.

        You’re including me as one of your men again, aren’t you. 😀

      • Precisely why you aren’t making them interesting enough to inspire the comments- maybe this wants changing?

        Of course you’d probably get more comments if there was some progress on FAWM- but last I knew there hadn’t been anything new since Tolo Na Mar (yay for excessive lurking)

      • That’s my fault, I think. Between him starting his new job and me forcing him to do a live skit with me/play spooky game, there hasn’t been much time for music.

      • Hey, D&E songs can happen without Errol sometimes too 😀
        * Laughs * I’m not saying that it happens often but it does happen.

      • I know, he’s not the only person whose fawm page I’ve been lurking on periodically. But yours isn’t owning up to anything more since Tolo Na Mar either (I assume you have stuff in the works though considering the number of collabs you’ve been doing)

      • I…. need to post my in-progress FAWM songs. I think I’m up to… five, maybe. But only one is posted….

      • Remember GUILT is her super power… If you mention something was done wrong, her super power kicks in… It’s GUILT GIRL!!!

  3. Poor Manda. Don’t encourage the guilt!

    Yay more songs! But the real question is does Errol still have time to knit now? XD

  4. Not enough comments? Maybe I should comment more often. I get stuck thinking I don’t have anything interesting to say, which I don’t, but I’m commenting here anyway… yep.