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Comic 560 – “Hitball”


Errol: Sorry this was late. I came home late from work (they had an outing) and then my girls and I had fondue and then we watched “Gravity Falls”. I was so exhausted that I went to bed immediately after that, completely forgetting that I had a comic due.

Silly me.

Manda: I am really dreading that game of dodgeball. It will hurt physically AND psychologically (stupid Errol).

Debs: Ooo! Manda’s first sentence implies that we’re actually going to play – cool! You got it wrong though, Errol. Each team starts with 3 balls, and they’re rainbow coloured! Double Rainbow Dodgeball!

Manda: I think this is also Errol’s way of telling me I talk about “Betrayal at House on the Hill” too much (although evidently not enough for him to get the name right :P), but it’s an awesome board game and I will play it as often as possible.

And YAY! Gravity Falls! I’m jumping with your joy that you have your girls watching it :D.


13 Responses to Comic 560 – “Hitball”

  1. I kinda can’t stop giggling at this one.

    And I still think Errol should have thrown the Totoro army… Oooo.. and then had Debs, Manda, and Ja-Mez buried under them. XD Cause those seem to multiply like gremlins.. or tribbles lol.

    I got up late too! Which boggles me since my cat was meowing at me since about 6am. But for once I got up after 8.. and there was no comic so then I wondered if it was Sunday lol. I was still kinda foggy from just waking up at that point though. 🙂

  2. The question is, if errol managed to hit himself did he do so before he hit all three of the others, because if so he may have lost by default.

    • But it’s Errol; he always finds a way to win.

      Or maybe the room they were playing in is made up of super bouncy trampoline walls, and the balls bounced off the walls and hit Errol three times.

      Or maybe Debs, Manda, and Ja-Mez unleashed a giant Totoro army of invisible Totoros to hit Errol.

      Yep, seems legit.

  3. Well, Errol had more than three dodge balls. If the ones he held in his other arm fell from the force of the throw, and if they hit him at the SAME TIME the other three impacted….