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Comic 562 – “Cartoonathon”


Errol: Debs, Ja-mez and friends had an 80’s cartoonathon. I don’t even know if any of them were born then.

Debs: Hey! We were SO all born by then! Have you ever sat down and thought about just how many 80s cartoons there actually are? There are a ton! We could easily do this again with 10 different shows (like the ones you mentioned, also My Pet Monster and Inspector Gadget). 😀

For the curious (or those who weren’t following along on Facebook or Twitter yesterday), we watched Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Ghostbusters (Ja-Mez’s pick), Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, C.O.P.S., Rainbow Brite (my pick!), Thundercats, She-Ra, Strawberry Shortcake and Bravestarr. 

Here’s what we learned:
1) All the smart people wear glasses (unless you’re a turtle).
2) There is always a horse/unicorn. If there is no horse, there is a reporter.
3) The skirts are disturbingly short. Seriously. How the heck do you do anything in those things?
4) The leading female characters are usually redheads. Otherwise, they’re blondes. Definitely not brunettes.

I’m going to link to the Strawberry Shortcake Episode we watched because it was seriously underrated (the guys were feeling vindictive) and because my experience watching it was completely bizarre. Though I remember liking it as a kid, my recollections of the show were extremely vague and I had no memories of particular episodes. I must have had this on a VHS or something because I literally knew every single frame and vocal nuance and even sang the songs off by heart. It’s a memory I didn’t even know I had so it was…weird.



25 Responses to Comic 562 – “Cartoonathon”

  1. You mean Ja-Mez didn’t suggest Turtles? XD

    And that happens to me a lot if I watch something from my childhood. Sometimes I just know everything practically verbatim and on things I haven’t watched in decades. XD

    I’m tired. I was up until almost 5am watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I started around 10:30! Admittedly there are 89 episodes out but they were only a few minutes each. I honestly didn’t think I’d be up so late. I suppose I could have stopped also but… yeah that wasn’t happening. It was very good for those that are curious. Modern vlog retelling of Pride and Prejudice. 🙂

    • You watched all 89 episodes in one night?! You so crazy 😀
      And Ja-Mez picked Ghostbusters over Turtles. I know, blasphemy. Luckily, Dan picked Turtles so we did get both.

  2. Ahem. Anyone who really knows me, knows that Ghostbusters is, was and always shall be my first love. Of course I shall pick that over TMNT and Spider-Man (My character’s shirt symbol is the No Ghost logo after all). 😛

    I was however able to talk others into picking Spider-Man and TMNT as well so all my favourites were covered. AND they all ranked in the top 4. 😀 Naturally.

    • Well I think it’s because in the podcasts I’ve seen and listened to I’ve heard you mention Turtles and Spider-Man many times and Ghostbusters only once or twice. XD Nice move on getting all your favorites in though! 🙂

  3. hey guys, posting from the airplane on a tiny screen. Please excuse errors. That said, on with the show

    I *LOVE* the old 80s cartoons. i have the first two seasons of thundercats, all of dungeons and dragons, and i think all of gummi bears on dvd. Would about kill for Rainbow Brite, MLP, and (not a cartoon, I know,) Square One TV. would also love to rewatch most of wha you lot watched. Now I’m all nostalgic. Beleive it or not, I actually had Legwarmers in my hand this morning. 80s geeks rock.

    • Snorkels! I didn’t think anyone else knew about that show. Everyone always talks about Smurfs lol.

      Pound puppies was good. Does anyone else remember the Fluppy Dogs movie? I used to love that one.

      • My lurking friend Jacqueline (she picked Strawberry Shortcake) says “Snorks, not Snorkels!” She also wants Jez to know what she loves the Fluppy Dogs movie. I have no idea what you two are talking about.

        She also gave me this link to Snorks and they kind of looked vaguely familiar..but I’m pretty sure I never watched them.

      • Ohh you’re right.. the Snorks… Well they HAVE snorkels 😛 I always thought of them as underwater Smurfs.

        Jacqueline, if we start talking to you directly will you log in and comment too??

    • Our friend Julie picked MLP (she comes with newtestleopard)! Honestly, it was AWESOME!!! So musical! The sea ponies all went “Shoo Shoobeedoo!”

  4. I was not feeling vindictive, that was painful, that was easily the worst episode of the night including pro stars. If I was vindictive it would have gotten zero.

    • You were SO vindictive 😛 We wouldn’t let anyone give lower than a 1. And Pro Stars was so much worse. I just typed that as “Pro star wars” because I’m so used to typing the word “Wars” after “Star”. 😛

  5. Pro Stars was bad but He-Man’s cousin, Lite-Brite and Lemon Poundcake were pretty painful as well. MLP was at least amusing, but I wonder how much of that has to do with it going first and us having more tolerance and energy.

    And as I recall it was the girls vindictively down voting all the boys shows (cept Turtles) and giving the all the girls shows perfect 10s to start off. 😛

    • Ghost Busters went pretty early too, so you could argue the same re: tolerance 😀
      Maybe all the girly shows deserved perfect 10s.