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Comic 563 – “Star Trek Troubles”


Errol: Tonight is our gig with the Dandies at Black Swan. We spent last night learning a cover and we also wrote a parody song. You can probably guess which JoCo song we did, but I wonder if you can guess what the topic of the parody is about. πŸ˜€

Debs:Β HEY! I get the rhythm right every time! I just get it right a different way every time πŸ˜› And I’m taking over all the instrumental duties for this gig so I am an AWESOME bandmate πŸ˜€

33 Responses to Comic 563 – “Star Trek Troubles”

  1. I don’t know Star Trek all that well so I have no clue what the parody could be. Good luck at your gig though! Post videos if you can! XD

    • Yay videos! I’m sure you’ll do fine Manda. πŸ™‚

      And to answer my own reply… I figured out the parody (not sure if you want me to state it)! I was still waking up when I first posted so yeah.. the hint was not so obvious as it is now to me. That is one of the things I do know about Star Trek. I even saw that episode! XD

  2. I do kind of live a ten-minute walk from the Black Swan, so I should probably ask at some point: is it easy to get into these things? I mean, is there space?

  3. The only Coultin I know besides his Portal music is Skymall. Gets stuck in my head when I fly.

    @ Debs from yesterday – We landed and got to the “You may now turn on your cellphones” announcement, but it came paired with “We arrived early so there is a plane ahead of us at our gate, so please remain in your seats.” So cellphone on, laptop and Ipad tucked away, nothing much else to do… I decided to see if my phone would load your site. The answer was a big fat resounding “sort-of”.

    @ Newtestlepord – I love Square One! I used to be so good at Math when it was on. Well… passable. Well… better than I am now. I keep playing the old videos for the kid I babysit, from youtube, but once she sees youtube all she wants to watch is her ABC video that she loves. I swear I’ve seen it a hundred times since January.

    Snorks was good. I watch it on boomerang and hub sometimes. Hate the new My Little Pony, but LOVED the old ones so much.

    And someone mentioned Lite-brite. Don’t knock the fun!

    • Aww, I got so excited at the possibility of commenting in the sky. You know, I’ve never visited our site on a mobile – I should πŸ˜€

      A couple of the guys were calling Rainbow Brite “Lite-Brite”. Doesn’t even compare, yo.

      This comment is super sparse because I have to get ready for the gig now!

      • Ah! I thought they meant the old toy with the light pegs. I had like… 10 of them. Loved Rainbow Brite too. Named an RP character Wis because of that show.

        My dad says the day that airplanes allow cellphone use id the day he stops flying, but I know if you’re willing to shell out the cash, some airlines do have internet connections. I think I’d need that if I ever went overseas again.

  4. Thanks, Kari! I have now listened to the song! Read the lyrics along with, so actually saw very little of the video. I need to listen to more of his music…

  5. Have fun at the Dandies tonight (and also to anyone who’s going to watch them)!

    I’m watching the Walk Off the Earth Stageit concert tonight. Should be interesting. XD

  6. The biggest problem with Filet Minion is there is nothing “Biggest” about it. That was so not worth how much they charge for it. It was good meat and all, but I never will understand the impetus to go to places that charge so much, just to be able to say you ate somewhere classy. I’d be just as happy with a skirt steak, which is like, a third of the price for a piece of meat that actually feels like a meal. We had the fillet and I was the first one done eating. That doesn’t happen. I ate all of mine, a third of my grandma’s, split two deserts, had half of another and came back to the room ravenous. And I’d agree this sounds like a rich person’s problem, but trust me, if I had to pay the bill, I’d not have gone. I can’t afford these places, and if I could, there are a million other things I’d rather spend the money on. Le sigh. [/rant]

    TL:DNR – I ranted about how places should put an amount of food on a plate proportionate to the cost of the meals, not inversely proportionate.

  7. Show tonight and you’ve still to actually write one of the songs? 😯
    I guess it’s probably over and done with now (seeing as how late I am) but you guys are brave. I practise for weeks before going anywhere. πŸ˜€

    • I would be the same if I did music. I know how much I rehearsed whenever I had a stage performance…

      • Yeah, I like to practice and practice too. πŸ˜€ The good thing is that it’s a parody so I practiced the original before we set our own words to it to make sure it was actually viable. πŸ™‚ It was a hard one though – and I totally had a glitch where I stopped in the middle, but it went pretty well.

        I think the fact that we’re gigging quite often means we don’t take errors as hard. When I perform with my choir, you feel way worse if you mess up since it’s only the one concert πŸ™‚

      • Oh, and we didn’t write the song the day of. We wrote it the night before. And we practiced three times!

        Debs is correct though, we’ve gigged many times together. I’m very comfortable on stage with Debs.

        And, as a comedy duo, there is some leeway to our act. πŸ˜€