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38 Responses to Comic 565 – “Packing”

    • Those were awesome costumes. I loved the reactions of the people around them lol. The Buzz Lightyear was the best though I think. XD

      • On the subject of both the Dark Crystal and the con, should all the locals be considered to be Guelphlings?

      • I knew someone would get the connection if I set the right mood πŸ˜‰

        That’s what I thought the con was about when I first saw it… But then when I realized it was spelled differently, I assumed Guelph was a person/character I didn’t know…

  1. Wait shouldn’t you be packed and at the con by now? *looks at website* Oh.. that’s sad. Otakon starts around 8 or 9 am on Friday so I had assumed this was the same. XD

    Speaking of Cons and Otakon.. look!
    They are doing a second Otakon in Vegas… so there will be TWO a year starting Jan 2014. I… need to start figuring out how to do two cons a year. Oh though, Lore guess what? I told the rents and my dad actually said maybe we’ll all go to that one lol. New Years vacation for a con and gambling.. woo! XD (and re-reading that it sounds like I’m about to start a life of crime)

      • That’s in August right? That’s usually good motorcycle weather and I owe a friend down there a visit…

      • Oh! That… was… EPIC! We were in the dealers room at the time and it took forever for everyone to figure out what was going on and then the staff tried to herd us out. The Dealers didn’t want to leave their stuff and the con-goers didn’t want to stop shopping. XD Then when we got outside it was just a SEA of people. The poor locals looked traumatized. There’s still conflicting theories on what happened. Some say a person fell through an emergency exit, others say it was pulled on purpose. I feel most bad for those that were in the bathroom at the time. XD

    • I doubt it. It’s ultimately a different con just run by the same people. They mentioned most of the regular Otakon activities would be there but I saw no mention of a LARP yet. Besides they can’t expect you to work that one unless they pay you to go there. *nods*

  2. I.. don’t work at them so I don’t know details. There’s Gophering which are volunteers to do various jobs around the con (basically you could be doing anything at any time). Lore does LARP stuff but I honestly don’t know what that’s considered. She’s not a Gopher but I don’t think she’s Staff either. The website should have information about Gophering up soonish but right now it’s just basic info. Lore would know more about it though.

  3. Eeee! My first FAWM song has music and vocals now! πŸ™‚

    raygungirls was super nice to want to use my lyrics and I love what they came up with. I’m a little excited about it if you can’t tell lol.

  4. Jez, they don’t pay me to go to THIS one…. Though the GMs are trying to get us gopher perks, which would be nice.

    The fire alarm thing… was insane. We wound up in the lobby of a hotel none of us were staying with, and they ordered a pizza with people we didn’t know, if I recall correctly, then I had to run for a Gaia thing. I have some footage other people shot of that incident, but none of my own. I would have been left behind if I had tried to stop and take any. Which is a shame, because that was more epic than the time that the concert at Con ended at the same time the Oriels game ended, and the two fan groups wound up meeting each other across opposite sides of a street like opposing armies.

    As to what we do to work at these, depends what your role is. My sister was panel ops a few times. As to what she did as panel ops… I have no clue. As for me, the year I gophered, I worked in the video game lounge, I did line control, and helped with registration. At LARP, however, I’m a specialist. Basically I help new players learn how to LARP, and how the GEARS system works, I help hand out items that players need to “find”, and help run combat. Running combat still scares the life out of me, because I STINK at counting other people’s scores at RPS, I can’t keep track of it right, and I have to do that on top of also keeping track of everyone’s initiative and what attacks are still… “in the air” shall we say. I tried to throw an exploding robot at another scene once, but Luffy caught her on his way back from the moon (THAT WAS EPIC!), and demanded to know who did that to her. Which was fun, especially since I was able to hand the combat over to the specialist who was working with Luffy at that point.

    Jez, if the net will allow, I’ll go listen to your FAWM song now. CONGRATS!