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Debs & Errol Cake

I wantsssss itssssss.... my preciousssssss
It’s so cute! The icing looks like YARN!

This was made by Jezbel. It is SOOO freaking awesome. 😀

Debs: Green over blue, HUZZAH! Hehehe! This is amazing!

12 Responses to Debs & Errol Cake

    • Thank you! 🙂 Apparently Errol has posted it everywhere also. Anytime I go to a site.. there my cake is lol.

    • I think Errol not eating the cake is in everyone’s best interest – you know, because of the dairy thing. Also so that there’s more for the rest of us!

      • I suppose each of us had better eat an extra slice on Errol’s behalf… What a pity.

  1. Heh.. next time I can make one with shortening icing and then he can eat it. There’s no dairy in that particular cake. XD

    And you know… figure out a good way to ship cakes lol.