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Comic 1115 – “New Con Friends”


Errol: There was a dance! Huzzah! I like dancing! That’s our friend Matt. He watches the podcast. And we went for pho together. Can you guess what his favourite fandom is? 😀

Manda: I’ve actually known Matt for ten years now! We went to university together and lived in the same residence, Artz Haus (aka, the most awesome residence ever). Then later we lived in a house for a summer. He is awesome and geeky and whenever we’re in the same town we try to hang out. It was great fun seeing him at the con!

9 Responses to Comic 1115 – “New Con Friends”

  1. Really I love comics in general. I’m just far more familiar with Marvel stuff than anything else. Growing up with the 90’s X-men and Spider-man cartoons likely helped a lot. Also, my best friend was into Spider-man so that only reinforced it. Of the comics I figure X-men were my first love but about ten years ago I got on the Avengers train. Sadly, I only have the one marvel shirt but I shall change that someday. It’s kind of an awesome wish fulfillment to see most of my favourite marvel characters have existed in movie from in one manner or another.