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Comic 576 – “Turning In”


Errol: We were exhausted after the party. I would draw me coughing, but that would require me to create a coughing Errol. πŸ˜€

Debs: I love how we went from tired to not tired to tired again across three chronological ordered comics.Β 

For the wonderful people who are helping us with the wiki, we now have a To DoΒ list with details on the first big project and a guide with some formatting tips. Errol should knit you all thank you Totoros. <3

12 Responses to Comic 576 – “Turning In”

  1. That did seem like a very long day… also taking into account it wasn’t even the whole day to do it all lol.

    For the wiki to do list, can we have a forum thread or maybe just posting somewhere when people are doing a song. I don’t want to do one at the same time as someone else, though I doubt there’s that much likelihood of it happening. Still.. jic.