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Comic 575 – “Mai Sheri”


Errol: Thanks for inviting us to the party, Mai Sheri! 😀 I’m up to Episode 14 and now understand Summerween. 😀

Manda: This happened. And were many people’s first times meeting Errol. Only a handful of us were entirely creeped out but two minutes of sniffing is very uncomfortablet o watch. And that’s my Mabel sweater :D. I have a full costume, but was too sick to wear it all :D. Also, hurray for Mai Sheri! You can really throw a party :D.

Errol: Oh! I forgot we have video evidence from Dan Charrington. 😀

40 Responses to Comic 575 – “Mai Sheri”

  1. You hope… what works? XD

    And yeah.. I think the sniffing thing might creep almost anyone out.

  2. Cool! I actually got some of the references in the video! Ok.. mostly the disposable camera ones…

  3. Oh, I just thought that was a cool idea for having lots of pictures of your party that you might actually be in, lol.

  4. CAMP NANOWRIMO EMAIL! We Doing a D&E Fan cabin this year? Jez, you going to camp with me?

      • Coolness! Should I start the cabin? How does that work? This is my first camp.

      • I’ll go check it out!

        Edit: Okay, I need the CampNano log in for all the campers who want to share my cabin. I’ll set it up.

      • I think I added you, and let’s get everyone from this thread who wants to be in first, since cabins can only hold 7, from the looks of it, then we can add others 🙂

      • Yeah I had signed up already… just didn’t fill in any info yet. I’m Jezbel on there.. surprise surprise lol.

        And I just barely got home alive. That bus driver was HORRID!!!

      • Hey a friend of mine Dianah is stuck in the wilderness without a cabin. I mentioned that there might be room as she’s probably fit in well with this crowd.. Though I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or just one of those facts of life we all have to deal with. ManPans would like her as she’s another accent absorbaholic. Dianah’s lived so many places, her accent changes with her emotion, but the result is always beautiful sounding even if you can’t place it.

        In any case, she may wander by and say “hi!” so I thought I’d do a quick introduction…

        Oh and I am BrianLayman on there – mostly just to reserve my username Though maybe I’ll put in a 1000 word goal. You’ve gotta start somewhere 🙂

      • I added you to my cabin list jic. XD

        I did the 50,000 word goal… also jic I actually write that much lol. Though I doubt it.

  5. Errol! You just don’t DO that at parties. *laugh* Some people… xD

    I’m tempted to do Camp Nano but probably should not, since my November novel isn’t edited yet and various other excuses. Maybe in July I’ll do it…

      • So I could just do something short? Maybe 5-10k? 20k? Argh, now I really really want to… I just have to sign up on the Camp Nano website, right? *goes to check it out*

      • *snorts* If I get anything written it will be a miracle. But I joined so I’m going to try and actually start my story this time instead of more planning. XD

      • I planned for months for my last novel… I don’t know how well this one is going to turn out… it will be fun at least. XD

      • Not at the moment I think- I will be writing, but I want to take this one at a more laid back pace and actually work on some of the more technical aspects rather than raw word count…

  6. I’ll figure it out….

    Edit: Watching SquareOne on Youtube with the baby…

  7. You know.. I don’t think the cabin thing is guaranteed. Maybe if we all request each other we can tip the odds of all getting into a cabin. Cabin’s aren’t assigned for another 11 days.