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Comic Late – Spintunes stuff

Errol: Allo all. It’s late. Sorry, up till 3am doing spintunes things.

I do have a comic in the works though, so it will go up this weekend. Don’t know when though. But not the normal 8am. 😀 Who checks things on the weekend anyway.

16 Responses to Comic Late – Spintunes stuff

  1. Those of us who don’t have guaranteed Monday to Friday work weeks check things on the weekend… especially when due to time sone differences we aren’t still in bed at 8am Eastern…

  2. I always check on weekends. XD

    Woo SpinTunes winner soon! I voted Edric again. I really liked 3 of the songs but his made me tear up a bit so that got my vote. MC Ohm-I was a close second though since he used Avenue Q (one of my favorite shows). 🙂

  3. I check on weekends. My own Saturday comic is usually late (and sometimes not up until Sunday), so I am envious of how punctual you are. This week, however, I got the Saturday comic up on time, whereas yours is late. We’re living in Backwards World, apparently.

    • I noticed you got yours up- I would have checked yours later if not for your comment about being ahead of schedule on that one. This does mean I have to wonder, did Errol lend you his punctuality?

      • Quite possibly. I actually hate being late. The problem is that this term, I do a lot of my teaching on Thursday and Friday, which means that not only am I tied up all day, I’m desperately tired in the evening. Teaching is pretty exhausting for introverts (and quite possibly extraverts too, but I have no experience in that regard). I knew I would be able to finish on time this week because I completed everything but the colouring by Thursday evening. Now, of course, I’m right back to having no buffer.

    • I guess that means it’s your fault :D. Stop being on time, it throws the universe out of whack! That reminds me! I have to catch up with West of Bathurst!

    • Not me, because that’s four to five hours before you post anything up… Oh wait, you meant 8am Toronto time…

      If I’m not otherwise occupied, yes I’ll have checked within ten to fifteen minutes of 8am Eastern.

      • Oh. Well, it’s a good thing I tell you guys ahead of time when I’m late.

        It’s because of all of you that I post warnings like that. 😀

      • I see the Twitter alert and click on the link, often soon after 8:00 a.m. I don’t really want to be awake at that time, but I usually am.

    • I tend to check fairly close to 8am your time when I’m not doing anything else. I don’t think I’d check that early if I was in the same time zone as you though 🙂

    • When I was at my last job, I usually checked at 8 on weekends. Now It is… iffy. Usually I get to check by noon on weekends. More likely to check early on weekends than school days, actually. Days I babysit earliest of all.

  4. I always check them on the weekend. It doesn’t bother me at all when they are late.
    Well, week days I notice because I check them on my phone as I get up. that’s part of why I don’t often comment till later. Especially on the weekends. I did subscribe to posts and so I always get an email when a new post is available whether it is at 8am or not!