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Comic 584 – “Adventure Panels”


Errol: I asked Manpans to give me a small snippet of her adventure game panel notes so I can use it in the comic. She sent me this massive tome, which I had to edit heavily and I still didn’t get everything in.

Manpans was in her element. You should have seen her go. I didn’t have to say a thing, really. I just sat back, drank water, and watched her do her stuff! Huzzah, Manpans!

Manda: I heard nothing about “small snippet”. As proof, here is the vague gmail command I received:

Errol: cool, could you send something youw ould have said across four panels? 😀
me: so…write the comic…like what i would have said in the panel?
Errol: no, just write what you would say in paragraph form for me to split out

See? Nothing about “small snippet”. Besides, it’s better to have too much than too little. And you said lots of things! But yes, I hogged talking time. I couldn’t help it. I was having so much fun, and people were actually asking questions! Errol knew about a lot more games though, so he had lots of good points.


25 Responses to Comic 584 – “Adventure Panels”

  1. You guys should have visited EMC today! It was super fun and my first con. Well, it was a mini con, but it was still awesome.

  2. So… we discussed how it is 8 am, I know it’s 8 am. It is now 6 am EST, and I am refreshing in hopes of something new. There is something very wrong with me. As Jez can well attest to.