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Comic 583 – “Hangout Foibles”


Errol: I still feel really bad about last night. We totally enjoyed hanging out with the OLL team and we made them talk to us for an HOUR. I think some of them wanted to go home. *LAUGH* Poor guys. But we talked about all sorts of stuff, and they just let me talk about my NaNoWriMo involvement for a long time! Or maybe no one could get a word in edgewise. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. 😀

Debs: They were really awesome. There were were puppies and Viking hats! When Errol says “drama”, he meant the drama that he created, obviously. I’m sad that we were unsuccessful with the broadcasting toooooo.

15 Responses to Comic 583 – “Hangout Foibles”

  1. It must be really dreadful if you can’t tell us about it… The question is, have you paid sufficiently for it?

      • I see, blame it on people with more emotions than they can count on one hand… There’s only one thing for this:

        *Attacks you with raspberries*

      • Notes the lack of tiger release on Errol’s part- also the lack of sixteen ton weight, crocodile and the general absence of firearms… Your detection of Monty Python references may need some work.

      • Pffft… I recognized it. 😀

        Now… what you SHOULD do is test my Monty Python by quoting more obscure stuff. Maybe I’m more into rotating knives, for example. 😀

      • Lets see a slow-motion replay of that handshake…

        “I owe you an apology”

      • He obvious has not correctly divined your attitude towards people with emotion.

  2. I think you get drama in almost any creative endeavor/student politics, especially when it’s a large group of people stuck together for long periods of time. Oh man, some of the theatre productions I’ve been in have some pretty interesting stories.

  3. :: flops in and dies:: My T/Th class is killing my soul. I swear it is. I’ve had no energy for keeping up with pretty much anything online. But I am taking it PNC now, and that should help ease some of it. Seriously though, I got ignored or talked down to when I tried to participate, yelled for taking notes, and glared at for sitting quietly saying nothing. ARGGGGGG! Seriously killing my soul.

    Edit: At least I *ADORE* the class I have today. And it starts soon!

      • PR. That’s the class where we are doing a PR campaign for OLL. I have a fantastic group and an AMAZING professor. It is a simple joy just being in the class. A ton of positive energy and creativity, and a fun subject. We’re thinking of doing a PSA, just because we can, and I get to write a paper on the webathon that you guys had! I love love love this class. I look forward to it all week.