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Our Pi Day Song! :D

First off, I apologized profusely for the lack of Google Hangout. I owe you guys. We talked to NaNoWriMo for an hour and it was a lot of fun. They probably think Canadians are really strange now.

Anyway, here’s our Pi Song.

Debs: Ah! We’re flipped! Errol, I think the pie got to your head. Also, at 2:07 you can see my mom and youngest brother 🙂

36 Responses to Our Pi Day Song! :D

  1. That was cute! Good job guys! 🙂

    I don’t actually like pie personally. The only kinds I ever have are Pecan and… does Boston Creme count? It’s really more of a cake than a pie… lol

    • I LUUUUUUURVE pie! many sorts. pumpkin pie, bluebuerry pie, cherry pie, chicken pot pie, coconut cream pie :D…all sorts 😀

      • I’m more of savoury pie person myself, and I’m lazy enough that I’ll generally go with shop-bought so that I don’t screw up the making of the pastry… But a good Chicken and Mushroom or Ham and Mushroom pie is hard to beat…

      • Ooo yes. Savory pies are very good! I like those a lot even though I don’t get them very often.

      • For savoury pies there are also some that just get topped with mashed potato rather than having a pastry topping, for example shepherd’s pie/ cottage pie.

      • I’m with you on this one MP. for sweet pies I do like pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie and pecan pie. The rest I’ll perhaps eat if I’ve nothing better to do.

    • That was fun, but I feel like I was missing something. The scrubbing the pi in the background, was that something from the original song?

      I sometimes make this coconut chocolate banana pie that I LOVE, and I enjoy pumpkin pie in the right season. Other than that, I don’t really like pie…especially apple pie. Rhubarb pie is okay.

      • Oh my gosh!!! It has never occurred to me to put chocolate and banana together in pie form!! I’m so excited now 😀

        Kristi, yes, that is in reference to the original song, where they are scrubbing the capital I!

      • Hm, I guess I could have looked the song up myself…yeah, that might have been smart. I really like the sound on the original song. It reminds me a LOT of an old 80’s song by one of my all-time favorite bands, Petra.

        If you make the pie, you’ll have to let me know how it turned out. I even have a recipe if you want one. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you didn’t ask for pumpkin, Errol. I would have had to put my foot down. I am still sick of pumpkin from the time a pumpkin pie-obsessed friend asked our entire group to make him pies (like, each person would make their own pie). I’m not a huge pie person either actually. Hot fruit is weird in my head, so I’ll circle warily, take a cautious bite and decide I kind of like it. I do like pecan and chocolate though…will dive right in.

    I’ve never had Boston creme. ;D

  3. The chocolate and banana pie sounds amazing!

    I’ve never had pumpkin pie, but most of the other types of pie I’ve tried I like. Chicken and mushroom is probably my favourite – unless banoffe pie counts 🙂

  4. If it comes down to pies as desserts, my favourite one would be a butterscotch meringue pie that we’ve done a few times…

    • Ok THAT I would eat. I’ve never had a butterscotch pie before, but I love butterscotch. XD

      • Might take a while to dig out the recipe for that one though- after all, I still have to remember which recipe book it was in…

        Then you’ll have the fun of converting measurements as necessary, because I bet there will be at least one measurement (probably more) where you guys use differing units in the states (and Canada)

      • Ah yeah. I would most likely have to convert it. Luckily I have a sheet from school to help me with conversion. XD I do have some fancy scales though that may mean I don’t have to convert. That would be nice.

      • Butterscotch taste a lot like custard pie – which I think is almost in the savory category. If it’s done just right, a custard pie can be pure heaven for the entire tongue. I had a Tiramasu that had a similar taste one time before too.

  5. In my family we eat apple pie – We all love it, but can’t eat much of it, so usually throw half away, and pumpkin pie. With the pumpkin pie we get the huge pies that are meant for parties, and manage to leave nothing but crust by the time it is done. For my part though, the pie is an excuse for whipped cream. Not a big fan of savory pies, though my mother loves them. Ironically, for as much as pies are loved in my family, I don’t think ANY of us like the crust. My mom and I could hollow out a sweet potato pie and leave just the shell behind. But for me, really, I’ll take nearly any excuse for whipped cream and/or warm cinnamon sugar. We go through 3 huge cans of whipped creme in a matter of weeks if I’m around. I’ll use a half a can on a single mug of hot chocolate. Yesterday I had a mug large enough for three packets of powder, finished the whipped cream and used more than a quarter bag of mini marshmallows. Would have added almond milk and sugar but mom was giving me weird looks. SHOULD have added cinnamon, but I was with grandma and she doesn’t have any. Bought a cinnamon sugar mill, but I keep forgetting to carry it with me.

    • Whipped cream is half of the joy of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving for me too. I definitely do the equal parts whipped cream and pie too.

  6. lol did I hear that right?
    “And it has soy milk in it which is why it looks like… puke”

    Debs distinctly looks scared of that pie..