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Two Geeky For You – 2nd Anniversary Concert


Errol: According to Debs, and the D&E wiki (although Debs updates that wiki), D&E started on April 8, 2011. That’s two years ago.


My sister has not seen a live concert and she is one of our biggest supporters. She is visiting next week and we desperately tried to find a venue but everything was booked.

However, finally, we found one! Huzzah! And we conned Nerds With Guitars to join us! So awesome! We have new songs. They have new songs. It’s going to be a great night of so much geekyness that I’m sure there will be references you won’t get.

You want details? You can check the Facebook page or continue reading!

Concert: Two Geeky For You

Guests: Nerds With Guitars

When: April 8th, 2013

Time: 9pm – 11pm

Where: The Central, 603 Markham Street. (Near Bathurst and Bloor)

Cost: Pay What You Can

Restrictions: 19+ and Geeky


Errol: Oh, btw. The comic will be late. Sorry.


21 Responses to Two Geeky For You – 2nd Anniversary Concert

    • Likewise- I shall reiterate my comment about this on facebook: The only problem with this is that its in Toronto (and I’m not).

      So when is the international tour happening Errol (he asks knowing full well that it wouldn’t be happening any time soon)?

  1. If you guys record it and send me the file, I can pretty it up so you don’t have to and make it good enough that you could sell the video on itunes. Especially if multiple people set cameras up at different angles. 🙂

  2. Suggested challenge for you guys: You and Nerds with Guitars take one of each others’ songs and either cover or parody it.

    • That… is pretty awesome. 😀 Hmmm… I don’t know what we’d sing of theirs. Their guitar skills are amazing…

  3. Restrictions of 19+ and geeky- and you’re doing this for Leezet… How’s she going to get into the venue?