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Tag Archives: Nerds With Guitars

Comic 547 – “No Songs”

Comic 547 – “No Songs”

Errol: So much stuff. However, this Sunday is the Bakka Filk Circle in Toronto from 12 – 5:30pm, and then the Debs & Errol Google Hangout Concert at 7pm, and then 3 Geeks in a Pod at 8pm. A link will be provided, but more than likely will be at: Crazy. Debs: Well, except for… Continue

[QUEST] Toronto Geek Bands

I was chatting with Adam Ward, of Pond and Ward, and we were trying to find time to do a show featuring both of us. HOWEVER, we wanted to add more geeky bands to this mix. How hard could this be? Well, considering I’m new to this whole music scene, it was very hard. I… Continue