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Update the D&E Wiki!

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.57.28 AM
Now no one will be unable to answer D&E Trivia questions

Errol: We have a wiki. It is not filled with anything and is so bare boned it makes Debs look like a hippo with a deep-fried lard addiction. If you’re bored, or have a lot of time on your hands, please update it. Put yourself in the Fan/Collaborator/People pages. Post pictures of Totoro. Make a list of all of Debs boys. We can categorize them ‘Team Debs’.

38 Responses to Update the D&E Wiki!

  1. I’ll go look.

    Edit: ::throttles page:: Will help fill things out as soon as I can figure out how.

  2. So I can’t sign up for the Wiki because I’m not signed up as an Administrator of said Wiki? Maybe you should fix this, Error.

  3. I dislike the formatting, and the fact that I cannot edit categories and sub categories.

    • you can make any changes you want. The software is the same software as is run on Wikipedia. so there’s lots of help out there for it.

    • Hi Lore – when I replied before I wasn’t being very specific as I was dictating my comment via my phone…

      Creating categories and sub categories is actually VERY easy. Probably too easy.

      All you need to do is add a line like this:

      replace whatever with.. well.. whatever… and it will create that category and put your current page into that category.

      However for the wiki to be useful, we’ll have to figure out the most logical categories and ways of doing things…

      For example should a person who is a fan be only in the fans category or be both in people and fans. After all, despite what ‘Manda says, fans are people too!

      • That’s true but if you want the name to appear in the people category, you have to add the people category AND the fan category to that page.

        If you just put them in fans, then they will only show there.

  4. Looks for Clerics- nope, Exotic Weapons- nope, Meteor Swarm- nope, Monstrous Humanoids- you guessed it, nope.

    Oh wait, D&E, not D&D… (yes, I know there are wikis all over the place for D&D- but the punchline came readily to mind in this instance)

  5. Oh, are there restrictions on that? Sorry, they’re not put there to throttle your access. We will look into fixing that. 😀

  6. In order to make changes, all you have to do is login to the Debs and Errol website. An easy way to do this is to hit the Login button above the any comment area for any post and then you can make most any or all changes to the wiki.

      • All of us have entries.

        Just click on your user name on the wiki and you will go to your page and you can edit it.

        Also you can add lots of information I’m sure.

        For example, you can add a page about Google hangouts or 3gp or FAWM

  7. My wiki page is quite detailed already, and I’m just getting started. XDD

    Also Error, you forgot about Pho and Totoro on your page. I used my new wiki “skillz” to fix that. C;

  8. Is there a way to put all the User pages under a category? B/c right now the only way I even saw Paige’s page was by looking at recently edited pages. And I have no clue how to do that myself… XD

    • Sure..
      You can add

      to any posts and that put them in that category.

      I’ve just added both to Paige’s page.

  9. What really needs to get done? I have some free time, so I would love to work on something useful. (Useful being not reading Romeo and Juliet… ick.)

  10. So… Tried to watch BSG, two bedroom scenes in five minutes, following a drunken brawl. This is not he show for me, apparently. Ah well.

    • As I’ve mentioned before, I forced myself to watch the end of it, just to get the completion check mark. You’ve probably made the right choice.

      • All the BSG sadness is making me sad. I watched it at Deb’s forceful singing about how awesome it was, and have to agree. I like it _WAY_ more than Star Wars, which pretty much scared me away from Sci-fi.

        Except for Gaius. His character really drives me up a wall. Still working on the last season, but I don’t think he’ll grow on me at this point. Just everything he does is crazy and his hallucinations (?) don’t really…fit with everyone else’s actions. Maybe once they explain how his imaginary girlfriend can lift him up and stuff I won’t hate him as much.

      • * Laughs * I’m so torn. I’m over the moon that the song got you to watch BSG but sad that you don’t like Star Wars 😛

        Yes…Gaius is a pain in the butt!! I’m actually watching through season 1 again now (except I didn’t watch any today because wiki…) and he is annoying beyond belief. I don’t think he’ll grow on you at the point you’re at though.

      • I probably sound harsher than I feel about BSG. I enjoyed it, but it wore on me towards the end. It is another of the sci-fi series that is has a long dark theme to it. It’s why I didn’t like Stargate Universe for the first season and never bothered to watch Caprica. It’s just not my cup of tea.BSG held me through the first few season. I can’t say too much more with out letting out spoilers.

  11. This calls for…SONG LYRICS. But, in a few days when I’m less busy.

    Also, yay! More information about everything!