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3GP- Episode 20

Join us at 8pm EST! Tonight we will be talking about Monkeyman Productions, a geek theatre company, and FILK! With special guest, Debs!

6 Responses to 3GP- Episode 20

  1. That was awesome! I think I got to watch most of it… surreptitiously… or was listening as I edited my Camp story… I need to tune in more often! I left and came back in the middle and you guys gave me a huge fright saying my name. xD
    And seriously now I want to come to Canada -_-

    • *laugh* Everyone wants to come to Canada! 😀 And you haven’t seen the podcasts before?! Wow, we need to promote it more or something. 😀

      • I’d heard of them and seen them here before, just never watched one. I’m like that with vids online… hesitant to play them. Definitely I am going to watch again though, was really good.

        Yes, Canada, Canada! If I ever travel overseas I think I shall first visit Canada… well, after the South Island of NZ. I’m in the NI, so that’s counted as overseas, right? *laugh*

  2. Posting from my phone. We lost internet service here. Hopefully it will be back by 12 tomorrow or so they say.