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#NaNoThon – Debs & Errol Host at 6pm EST!

NaNoWrimo is running an amazing, awesome, stupendous Writing Marathon today, and we’re helping out by manning the livestream for an hour. We are going live at 6pm EST. Join us here! 😀

If you want to follow the twitter live chat, the hashtag is #NaNoThon!


8 Responses to #NaNoThon – Debs & Errol Host at 6pm EST!

  1. It wont let me watch. And of course I missed the bulk of it anyway. Silly me, trying to do some cleaning.

    • Aww, I think we were done by then, Lore! We didn’t realize they were only expecting 15 minute segments until just before it started 😀 We gave them 45.

  2. Woot that was fun! You should have made it D&E livestream concert 2: in which errol yells about A T A Ts.

    btw should the wiki be updated? I would do it but I don’t want to do anything wrong.

    • Yay! Meli, you have license to do whatever you like in the wiki 😀 The thing I always try and get done first is making sure video information is updated if we play things (don’t worry though – I’ve done it!). I should probably work on the page for NaNoWriMo though, eh? I wouldn’t really count this as a show, needing a page unto itself 🙂

  3. Also there are a lot of people on hour 8 of the livestream that are commenting about how amazing your singing was. They want you to see their comments. So… you should look at their comments.