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19 Responses to Comic 609 – “Sibling Differences”

  1. I didn’t grow up with my sisters since they were so much older and lived with their mother. They were 18 and 15 when I was born so I didn’t really do activities we all could enjoy until much later. Most of my memories with them are from holidays or summer vacation. I’ll give a piece of family trivia though: There are 18 years between my oldest sister and myself, and there are 18 years between myself and my niece who is my second sister’s daughter. XD

  2. I have 3 siblings! All younger (the youngest is 5 years younger, the twins are 1.5 years younger).

    As for memories…wow…there are lots…we would make epic Playmobile/Lego/Fisherprice towns in our backyard. We had an inground pool, so we made it a seaside town. They would often remain there all summer. In the winter, we took over the basement :D. Actually, seeing Errol’s girls have their own epic playmobile towns reminds me of my siblings :D. Same with barbies. My sister and I would steal my brother’s barbie-sized GI Joes because Ken sucked. And water balloons as babies…huh…we pretty much made anything we could into an epic story.

    That, and we had a “tidy-up game”. My parents would get us to sing really fast and pick up our toys as fast as possible, occasionally yelling out “Stop!” when we would freeze in place and then “Go!” again. How they fooled us for so long I’ll never know.

    • Sorry Meli. If it helps, I have one sibling by birth and 3 more by choice. Friends are the family you pick, so you can have a sibling if you want.

      • Aww, poor Meli. I always wanted a sister, if that counts 😀 I mean, I like my brothers but I kind of wished for girl-closeness.

  3. I have two younger brothers. We’re not super close sadly (though the younger one, Jonathan has come to a whole bunch of D&E shows which is super awesome).

    My favourite memory with the middle one is when we spent the entire night playing a wrestling game on SNES. I have no idea which one it was, but for some reason, no matter how much we pulverized each other, no one would die. I think we’d inadvertently set up something wrong. Anyway, we played all night because the game just wouldn’t, wouldn’t end. And then David got out of his chair for some reason, and tripped on one of the cables and the system got unplugged. We were just paralyzed with shock. It was awful but so, so hilarious.

    Lots of good memories with the youngest one because we were really close, mostly having to do with weird games he would make up. We’d spin around and around for hours with no reason. Ah, to be a kid again 😀

  4. I have 3 sisters–2 older and one younger. We’re all pretty close in age (1.5 years between us oldest three, and then 4 between me and my younger sister), so we’ve usually been pretty close, but we also got into some crazy knock-down, drag-out fights.

    The one memory that stands out the most is when I was probably 10-12, maybe younger, my family lived on a US highway, and it got a decent amount of traffic. Many evenings in the summer, my sisters and I would go out front and play what we called “Chipmunk Army.” To this day, I don’t know why we called it that, but we all remember it as such. We would basically be fighting invisible enemies that sometimes were vehicles on the highway, and sometimes would be parachuting out of the sky. We would even sometimes do army crawls through the ditch by the highway, and I remember it was a sad, sad day when our parents told us we couldn’t play that close to the highway anymore.

    • Oh man, I can’t even imagine what a four-sister family might be like. “Chipmunk Army” sounds completely adorable 😀 But yeah, probably better to stay away from those highways!

  5. Haha, Errol, you’re too mean… and Lizette says ‘I hate you’ a lot… does she really?

    I’m actually really good friends with my brother most of the time, though we don’t share an awful lot of interests.

  6. This was an extremely adorable and heart-warming exchange. Who cares about Justin Bieber and his millions of fans? Debs and Errol have the nicest fans. 🙂 The amount of public sharing that goes on is insanely awesome. You guys rock.
    1. I’m the one who told Errol to put this in the comic. Is that bent or what?
    2. It’s a true story. I say dumb things in front of these doctors all the time. Sigh.
    3. I love Manda’s “Ken sucks!” That’s hilarious!!!
    4. Debs and sister closeness – I think I have sister closeness with Errol, actually.
    5. From Lore Hera “If it helps, I have one sibling by birth and 3 more by choice” Is that the nicest thing you’ve ever heard?!?! My daughter is an only child and there is no end to the guilt and worry from that…..
    6. Yeah, I tell Errol that I hate him a lot. Or “Shut up.” Or “What’s wrong with you???!?”

  7. I have one brother, who is 2 years and five days younger than me. He was due to be born on my birthday, but I’m quite glad he wasn’t! We always had shared birthday parties when we were younger though, and I remember really enjoying the five days when I was three years older than he was.

    I don’t have a specific favourite memory, but until I was about 12 the whole family would go orienteering almost every Sunday. Because he and I had shorter courses, we would get back first and build dens in the forest whilst we waited for mum and dad to get back.

  8. I have one sister who is 7 years older than me. We weren’t particularly close growing up but are very close now. I now have three brothers in law who I lived with for a short time and that was a very different experience for me. I love them all like crazy!