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3GP- Episode 22: 5 Geeks in Gravity Falls!

Join us at 8pm EST! Tonight we will have…gasp… FOUR GEEKS! Since Jamez is still in moving terror, Errol and Manda will be joined once again by Video Ninja and Mai Sheri! Sadly, Doctor Holocaust is sick and cannot join us tonight!

We will be talking about the hit Disney show Gravity Falls! Join us for the fun times!

4 Responses to 3GP- Episode 22: 5 Geeks in Gravity Falls!

    • Who let that awful Missingno in the house? Why back in my day we caught respectable pokemon like Tyranitar, Exploud and Mewtwo- none of these corrupted glitches (well, apart from Porygon)

      • *laugh*

        Oh, btw, it’s great that you know what MUDs are, Lore!

        I wish I KNEW what MUD I was playing. I can’t remember at all.