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Comic 620 – “Unlimited Texting II”


Errol: Debs has unlimited texting! She doesn’t want the pics I send to Manpans though. Go figure.

Debs: Well, you should be complimented, Errol. I basically got it so that we could stay in touch while I’m away. I’ve resisted the data thing for so long though – I asked so many stupid questions like “How do you turn data off” and basically felt really old.

Manda: Yay for unlimited texts! And yes, my job is boring enough that I am constantly checking my phone. Sigh. The bad part about that is that I bring almost everything on myself.

14 Responses to Comic 620 – “Unlimited Texting II”

  1. Nobody wants the pictures you send to Manda.

    And regarding phone usage- I have one that I next to never use, luckily its a pay as you go phone so I’m not paying money not to use it… (seriously, depending on circumstances I can make £10 of credit last several months)

  2. Eh I don’t text all that often but I have a few friends who I’ll occasionally text and get back to their texts in a somewhat timely manner. XD With a keyboard it’s easier but when I had to text in the number style (clicking 2 three times to get the letter I wanted and such) I could only do a text or two before I got frustrated and just told them to call lol.

    On another note… it’s Bike Fest! Woo! Heading into town later today to check out the event. 🙂

  3. For the first 5 years or so after I got my phone I didn’t really use it. Like MP said £10 credit could last me months. One time it took me a month to realise I’d lost it, and I finally found it 3 months after losing it.
    I only started keeping it on and with me permanently in sixth form when the school was spread across 2 different sites on opposite sides of town and I needed to use my phone to meet up with my friends at lunch times. I have a basic contract now, but I still don’t text that much.

    • When I first got my phone, I pretty much did the same thing. I’d just put $10 or something on it and it would last me months because I never kept the phone with me, or checked voice mail. Who needs it, right? And now…*sigh*. Yeah. I don’t like having unlimited things because it’ll mean that I’ll start to use it constantly, but since I’m traveling, it’s a necessity.

  4. Oh dear. XD
    I have a phone, but it only does texting and calling. (Go figure, it was nineteen bucks including the sim.) And I like call nobody. I expect my credit to last the entire year. Also, I’ve forgotten where I put it. Haven’t seen it in a week or so… should take a look for it.
    So, I’m pretty no-one can send me photos even if they wanted to, and I don’t know anyone anyway, so I’m safe! XD

  5. You all need to seriously get on my $35 unlimited text and data plan with 300 minutes per month.

    And when I want to avoid people, I turn to my favorite button on my phone: airplane mode!

    • I have something similar Meli! Except it was $55 (Canada is actually REALLY terrible for cell phone rates) and Errol used up my 200 minutes a couple of times :D.

  6. :: Looks away innocently:: um… wow. Okay, so when we were looking back at family plans a while ago, we were considering what they called fave fives… So the guy at T-mo offered to look up my calling history to see if it made sense for me. At that point we had unlimited nights and weekends only. So there is this long moment of quiet, and I think we got disconnected. It’s halfway through the month and he asks, stunned, who it was in (place name blanked here) That I had spent over three thousand minutes talking to. And that wasn’t Jez… We got the fave fives and so I have five numbers I can call any time of day from anywhere in the country for as long as I want. I think Sun is still in my fave, actually. We’re now considering a true unlimited plan. With me in the loop, it is actually necessary. I have no money, in part because I have so many tech toys. Right now I have 2 phones. One with a keyboard that is just for texting, aim, yahoo and occasionally the calculator and nook app. It has no minutes. My other phone is a smart phone with a half dozen games, that has unlimited calling to my fave 5s, unlimited calling to other USA T-Mo customers, unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited messaging, 5gig of data and hot-spotting. I need more data. I hate the phone, though. I want an iPhone, but unfortunately I may be going down to a feature phone, since the data plan was my birthday gift from last year. But I’ll put the hotspot on the messaging phone, and use that to power my iPad, so I don’t feel the sting of missing having 2 smart phones as badly. Especially as my keyboard phone isn’t really a smart phone the way the others are. One of the reasons I use so few apps there is that so few of the ones I like (Dragonvale, Puzzle and dragons) work on it, and the screen is kind of poor for youtube.

    And I started babbling. Whoopsie, sorry about that. (And yes, that was Richard Hacker’s voice you heard there, Jez.)

    • I want an iPhone too. ;D

      I text and call WAY too much. I actually talk to my seestair and manpans a lot on the phone. And then I have them join in (as you may have witnessed through the comic)

      • My dad has an iPhone 5 and Siri knows, like, nothing. The iPhone is fun, though! 😀

        Where is the merge calls button on the phone anyway?