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Comic 607 – “Swarms”


Errol: Did this happen last night? Yes it did.

Debs: You are a jerk. I told you not to make it a comic. You should have done Kari teaching us to play ukulele!

Errol: Four panels of us strumming doesn’t sound like a funny comic. And sorry this missed the schedule!


37 Responses to Comic 607 – “Swarms”

  1. PA HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed a lot at this one.

    I know way too much about Errol…DEBS! Do you like musicals? What’s your favourite one?

    • I love musicals, Manda! My favourite one is Les Mis. Do yoooooou like musicals? Which one is your favourite?

      • Oooh, that is tough. I didn’t think I liked them for a while but that was because I realized that I was just bitter I couldn’t get cast in them. Then I saw Into The Woods in Stratford and remembered that they are awesome. Now it’s tough for me to choose a favourite…here are my top three :D:

        Into The Woods
        Avenue Q
        …and Sweeny Todd…I really REALLY want to be Mrs. Loveitt…

      • I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Into the Woods. And now the main song will be in my head all day. And Sweeny Todd is AMAZING. What’s your favorite version, Manda? The only one I’ve seen all the way through (and multiple times) is the George Hearn & Angela Lansbury stage version.

      • Oh! I really like Into the Woods also! I was actually in a teen production of it – I was the witch! I haven’t seen Urinetown or Sweeny Todd though yet. Ooo! I also like Wicked!

      • I saw the movie first actually and enjoyed it. When my friend heard this, he insisted that I at least look up the stage version on youtube. I have to admit, I enjoyed Angela Lansbury more as Mrs. Loveitt. It’s like night and day performances when you compare her with Helena Bonham Carter. It’s also how I would play her more (when I’m not busy looking nervous next to Errol, I actually specialize in playing crazy kooky old ladies)

      • I’m so embarrassed. I usually look up anything I’m not 100% sure of before I post, because I hate when I misspell something. And in this case, I think it’s partly a case of monkey-see, monkey-do. Not that I’m blaming Manda. >_>

        I’m still embarrassed.

      • To which I reply: MEH. You know I’m going to keep spelling it that way out of spite now. Just because I can’t spell it doesn’t mean I’m not fan :P.

    • Hmmm…I kind of feel like Errol already has a super power of nearly unlimited energy ;D If I had to pick one though, I think I’d really like to fly. That, or telekinesis. Or manipulating the elements.

      • Manipulating the elements is an interesting one- but if you had the ability to manipulate only one element (from the periodic table) which would it be?

        Yes, I know disallowing the classical four elements is not what you probably hoped for, but that’s life for you…

    • I’ve always wanted flight. That’d be awesome, but a bit obvious.

      So, if I could have any power… I want the power to make someone happy.

      • Flight requires effort and still takes time. I find teleportation would be far more handy.

        I would also favour either superspeed or the ability to stop, pause or move through time.

        You will of course notice that all my choices are entirely selfish and self-serving, making my life easier, rather than using my abilities for good. Clearly I have learned nothing from comics.

  2. For once, I was actually aware that the comic was late. I was here at 8:30, and no new comic! I’m never on here that early… I loved this one, definitely laughed out loud.

    I seriously was just thinking the other day about something I wanted to ask Errol, but wasn’t sure what the appropriate place to ask it would be. And now I can’t remember what it was. It was probably a question inspired by the musical, because it’s been on in my house a LOT the last few days. Like, seriously, you know how you can really love something, but see it so much in a short time that you get tired of it? My 11-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter have been wanting to watch the musical obsessively since we moved into this house a week ago. I finally had to tell them no yesterday. (It’s really cute to hear a 3-year-old say, “I wanna watch NaNoWrimo!” ‘Cause that’s what she calls it.)

    Anyway, if I remember the question, I’ll be sure to post it here.

    • *laugh* I’m sorry you’re getting sick of the musical ! 😀

      And by all means, if you have a questions for me, pop it up in the forum. I’ll eventually see it! 😀

      • It’s okay, it’s a good kind of sick. I love the musical so much, it really did take a lot to make me tired of it. And it will wear off quickly. I need mp3 formats of the songs! See, wore off already.

        I did notice something, after listening to the EBG episode 18 recently (thanks again, Ja-Mez!), during which time I think the musical was in the writing phase? And you were talking about how you were going to make the female lead quirky, but not clumsy. And then during “Rick’s Recaps” in ep. 3 (I think) you said almost the exact same thing. “She’s quirky, because she plays the ukelele. I’m surprised they didn’t make her clumsy too.” Clearly in important issue for you.

      • *laugh* Wow, I really should pay more attention to things I say. 😀

        We had problems with a female lead and not making her an ingenue. And since neither Manpans and I write romances, it was challenging. 😀

  3. Pahahahahah Kristi! I’m really glad your kids like it that much but I know exactly how you feel. Writing and editing the musical made me feel like that sometimes 😀 (well, more writing less editing on my end). The best is when you’re in a play and you’ve rehearsed it so much that you forget it’s funny after a while. Then an audience laughs and you remember.

    Kids do that a lot, don’t they? I remember wearing out the tape to Bedknobs and Broomsticks. My little brother did the same with the Barbie Movie we had.

    • My son usually starts at episode 3, because it’s his favorite, and it has his favorite songs. His absolute favorite part is Rick teasing Dale about liking Jill and saying, “Hey girl, let me sharpen your pencil. Oh, could you, big, strong man? It needs to be pointy.” We quote that around the house a lot.

      • Ha! That’s awesome. We’re having the whole gang over to my place on the 15th for a belated cast party. I’m going to have the musical play on my big screen. Maybe we should do a quick live hang-out 😛

      • I wouldn’t complain!

        I’m actually kind of sad right now, because this is the most active I’ve been in the comments, and I have to go for a while. Don’t post too much without me, it’s hard to catch up! (Of course, now would be the point where everyone else is gone too, and I’m talking to no one at the moment anyway, lol.)

      • I was too vague. I meant a while that afternoon, not many days. I had to take both of my kids to the doctor, so I was leaving for a few hours. That’s all. Sorry to confuse you!

  4. I should know by now that when Errol says he is going to put a conversation into a comic…he will.

    This BTW is almost verbatim a conversation we had last night.

    • Hee, there’s even video evidence in Dan’s Veda! Everyone’s like “Debs is…somewhere” and you see her arm flailing off to the side from amongst the mob :D. (hee, I kid)

  5. What I’d like to know is how to get them enough money to do a USA/England tour. 🙂

    Nah, a better question I think would be about music. We all know we here listen to them a lot. Outside of Spintunes, what do you two listen to, Debs, Errol?

      • Ja-Mez is pretty correct. 😀

        Believe it or not, I listen a lot to my own music… not because I’m a narcissist, but because I need to learn them. So every morning, I listen to Walkthrough in a desperate attempt to memorize that stupid song.

        And sometimes, when I get nostalgic, I’ll listen to nanomusical. I’m really cheesy, I really like “Where Were You”. It’s weird because I never expected to like it, but… maybe it’s because I wrote it and remember the insanity of doing the musical, I just really like that song.

  6. What do you think is the most efficient way to catch a Melisaurus?

    [/totally didn’t just make that up a second ago]