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Comic 608 – “Moar Promos!”


Errol: Yes! We went to the Simian Showcase last night! Huzzah! If you are in Toronto, check it out! And then later tonight, we are hosting for part of the Nanowrimo Stream! Hopefully we can get information for that. 😀

You know what’s interesting? The Simian Showcase and Debs & Errol started at the same time! We did not know that. Cool eh?

8 Responses to Comic 608 – “Moar Promos!”

  1. Gah the NaNo telethon thing is looonngggg. Not sure I’ll be able to watch the whole thing since for me that would distract me rather than encourage my writing. I finally wrote some thing though I changed my goal wc to something more manageable lol.

    What’s ‘Up on Poppy Hill’?

  2. Nano love stream? When? and where is the link? Please tell me I did not miss it….