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Comic 622 – “Borrower”


Errol: Debs leaves me for Montreal today. With my needles, and with my Totoro. Sadness.

Debs: Hey!! You GAVE me that glow in the dark Totoro. I didn’t even ask! I could have made do with a regular one 😀

7 Responses to Comic 622 – “Borrower”

  1. On that note Errol, do you mind lending me all of your musical talent? I’ll let you have it back in about a month…

  2. Haha I never notice what colours are supposed to be when. It’s just all bright and colourful to me. The content of the comic is way more important. 😀

    What does annoy me is if there’s a pack of pencils or paints that are not in rainbow order. Or coloured books in a shelf. I WILL order them. 😀

  3. Ooo, the bamboo double-pointed needles are nice! I don’t own any, but they cost a lot for needles, so they have to be good, right?