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Comic 623 – “KMaaren FB”


Errol: Does Kari have a new Facebook Page? Yes. Does she have a new CD that’s hilarious? Yes. My job here is done. 😀

Karin: This is basically what happened, except it went down online, and I was all, “Yeah, fine, whatever. Do what you want. I am NEVER GOING TO FINISH THIS MARKING.” Then suddenly I was on Facebook, and all day, I was getting Facebook messages. As I have always feared, it’s just like going down the rabbit hole. You think you’re just innocently joining Facebook, and then everybody is suddenly going, “Why can’t I friend you? Why is your account so secure? Don’t you love me any more?” And there are little things going bing and messages popping up and random e-mails, and behind the scenes, Errol is telling everybody about you and posting things on your page and tweeting your Facebook existence to everyone, and you still have this enormous pile of marking, and why isn’t the heat off in your apartment if it’s twenty-five degrees outside? And then you cry. But you have a Facebook page! Hurrah!

Manda: And yet, Kari was the one to add ME as a friend :D. But I can relate. Shortly after meeting Errol he demanded to know why I did not have a facebook page. He did not stop asking until one had been created. I think Kari’s might be more successful than mine though :D. Oh no! Kari took my colour! Or rather, Errol gave Kari my colour. I guess I shall choose another.

Debs: In solidarity with colour switches, I have chosen a different one! Wow, this is weird. And probably really hard to read. I’m sure this is somehow Errol’s fault. And I was totally one of those people messaging Kari yesterday. Yay Kari!!!

Brian: OK I’ve made blurbs and colors much easier to set, remember and user. An email, or wiki entry, will be coming your way!

5 Responses to Comic 623 – “KMaaren FB”

  1. Bad Errol giving away people’s text colours- now go stand in the corner and I’ll speak to you at the end of class.