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Comic 624 – “Morning Again”


Errol: They gave me the bed because it was in an enclosed room and I snore. There are perks to being a disgusting male.

Not many perks, but I’ll take what I can.

Whitless:  I was up much the same reason Errol was: my work schedule made my brain think it was time to get up. Actually, I also have a hard time sleeping at other people’s houses. Ask my friends. I will rarely crash at their place when the time calls for it. I always feel uncomfortable in the morning and afraid to move around :D.


7 Responses to Comic 624 – “Morning Again”

  1. I will typically go home after a party if I’m in my home city. It kind of depends on the situation. Usually it’s if I want to avoid getting up early or need to work the next day or something. I don’t have to worry about moving around because they’re usually awake before me. Though when people stay at my place I try to make sure they know they’re totally welcome to treat it like their home even if I’m asleep. I usually encourage them to wake me if they wake up before me.

    • Oh… you don’t want me to wake you. Trust me on that. 😀 Talk to manpans. She has stories that won’t make it into the comic.