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Comic 625 – “Sleep Interrupted”


Errol: In the mornings, I call and chat to Manpans because I know she has to get ready for work. Fortunate for Debs, she doesn’t wake up early and is spared my early morning conversations. Now that she has texts, though, I can send a whole slew while her phone is off.
Debs: Wait! You still haven’t told me what picture you sent yesterday was. Was it your calves? WAS IT?

3 Responses to Comic 625 – “Sleep Interrupted”

  1. I normally aim for 8 hours and get about 7 and a half most of the time. During NaNo I kept staying up late talking to people in North American time zones, so I got about 6 hours every night during the week and then slept late at the weekends.

  2. I aim for 9, usually get 8.
    I actually slept fairly well during NaNoWriMo. It’s Camp NaNoWriMo that threw my whole sleep schedule off…