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Comic 626 – “Cereal!”


Errol: Hmmm, I’ve been making these larger by accident. Oh well. Funny thing is, I still haven’t done much with the FKO con itself…
Whitless: Sue’s pantry was epic. She had cereals that even SHE didn’t know about! And yeah…soy=gross for me. I…had a bad experience…

20 Responses to Comic 626 – “Cereal!”

  1. While I’ll always hold a love for marshmallow cereals like Lucky Charms my favorite now would actually be Special K: Fruit and Yogurt, with Great Grains: Dates, Raisins and Pecans as a close second.

    I’m not too fond of Soy milk either. I keep trying the alternate milks but yeah… they never taste good to me no matter the hype about them.

  2. The only time I’ve ever tried soy milk was after my daughter was born, we went through a period of time where she cried in pain all night. When the doctor finally admitted she might have a dairy allergy (the pain the baby was clearly in wasn’t enough, it took blood in her stool for the doctor to do something about it), I tried to cut out dairy for a week to see if it helped. Soy milk was very yucky, and it didn’t help anyway.

    I still like a lot of cereals from when I was younger. I haven’t outgrown them yet. My favorite has always been Fruity Pebbles, but I also enjoy others. When I want to feel grown up for a while I eat something like Honey Bunches of Oats.

    I noticed the bigger comics…I actually thought maybe I’d zoomed in on the page without realizing it. Then I thought something else was wrong on my end. Good to know it’s your fault.

  3. I don’t like the really sweet ones like Fruit Loops and lucky charms… *shudders* My absolute favorites growing up were
    1. Frosted Rice (With Tony the Tiger Jr. You can’t find it any more)
    2. Corn Pops
    3. Frosted Flakes (With Tony the Tiger Sr.)
    4. Golden Grahams
    5. Honey Combs

    They’ve changed the taste of all of them unfortunately. Probably because of the corn subsidies making corn syrup so cheap. The one really sweet one I liked now and then was Cookie Crisp

  4. I mostly like chocolate cereals, but lately I’ve developed a fondness for bran flakes with sultanas. I don’t like soy milk either. I had it for the first time in halls last year, and it just didn’t taste right.

    I’m struggling to imagine eating marshmallows in a breakfast cereal, though I’m sure I would have loved it as a kid!

  5. I don’t really like sugary cereals anymore, but the one I will absolutely have no control over is cinnamon toast crunch. I…actually go pretty nuts.

    Other than that, I lurve shreddies and cheerios and raisin bran…i actually really love cereal.

  6. Cereal is great! I can make killer muesli with oats cornflakes coconut and a bunch of dried fruit, seeds and honey… not that I’ve been allowed to have any of the main ingredients in the house for a while… 🙁

    How come nobody likes soy milk!? I think it’s the best! (Maybe it’s just a particular kind we have here that tastes good heh heh heh)

    • Well, to be fair I only had chocolate soy milk once in myl ife and I was absolutely disgusted. Maybe my taste buds have become less sensitive in that time :).

      • Ew, chocolate soy milk? … I’ve never heard of it, or tried it, but I don’t like the way I imagine it tastes… haha 😀 I like the ordinary stuff. Unfortunately due to its expensiveness, we don’t get it often at all.

      • Oops! This was accidently logged into Errol’s account from the podcast last night…that was Manda who posted 😀

      • When I tried soy milk, I got a carton of regular and a carton of chocolate. My theory was that if I was going to drink it (as opposed to cooking with it), maybe the chocolate would at least be something I could stand. I was very, very wrong.

      • Huzzzah!

        In fact… I actually don’t like milk anymore.

        I used to drink milk all the time. But once I found out I was lactose intolerant, I stopped and I completely do not like the taste any more.

        Sometimes, I will accidentally drink from a cup of milk, and I will spit it out and wash my mouth out with water I don’t like the taste anymore.

        CREAM, on the other hand, I still like. 😀

      • Haha! me too. though, I don’t dislike milk quite that much. My family still buys cream so I use that sometimes, but coconut cream is great with a lot of things. 😀

  7. I rarely ever get around to eating breakfast if I’m honest, and even then I’m usually in enough of a rush to get to whatever I’m trying to do that I’ll grab a sandwich or something rather than cereal.

  8. I am something of a cereal addict. If it is going in milk, I love the sweet ones. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, peanut butter Captain Crunch (and the captain now has a cinnabun flavor – Squee!) are among the best. Lucky charms is good too, as is pops. Every now and again I have to have some Smacks. Cookie Crisp is a good once in a while also.

    If it is going to be dry I like the ones that are almost kind of sort of borderline maybe healthy. Honey Bunches of Os with almonds is my favorite dry snack cereal. I also like Ohs, Pops, and Honeycombs.

    As for milk substitutes… I love nearly all the ones I try. I am in love with almond milk, and I’ll drink it, I’ll cook with it… eating an almond milk pasta now, in fact. Soy milk is okay. Rice milk was odd, but I’d drink it again. Lactaid is okay. The odd thing is, though, while I’d prefer to drink a non-dairy milk, and I cook with non-dairy milk whenever I can… for cereal and milk, it has to be the real thing. The lactaid is too thin for it, the almond milk is too thick. I never tried cereal in rice milk, and I don’t recall if I tried it in soy. Usually when we have soy milk in the house it is pre-flavored, and I like to let the cereal tint the milk itself. For something super yummy, get the sweetened vanilla almond milk and use that to make strawberry milk. Super awesome. Very yummy. Coconut milk (as in a milk substitute not as in the water that comes out of coconuts) is good, but tart and a little runny. Coconut almond milk was good, but needed more sweetness. I wont drink a plain glass of skim, but I’ll drink a plain glass of almond, is that odd?

      • Cinnamon!!!! You know what is surprisingly good? Take a steak, cook it to taste, then rub some cinnamon into it gently. You can’t cook the steak with it, because it dries up, but if you use it after it is cooked and set, it is amazing.

        Oh! If I ever come up your way, I should make you guys a compote!