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Comic 627 – “Late Start”


Errol: Debs probably doesn’t get up early in the morning because that opens herself up to all sorts of unwanted contact, like me!

Poor Manpans… if you’ve read Manpans facebook statuses, you can sometimes catch a glimpse of what transpires.

Whitless: Hey! You kept saying “Don’t worry Manpans, we’ll pick something up!” when I brought up the idea I just eat dry cereal. And then we kept getting delayed…I REFUSE TO FEEL GUILT :P.
Debs: I will have you know that I wake up with the sun at 5:30am now. 😛
Errol: Yuck. I’m glad I’m not a farmer. Nudge wink, Debs probably would go for a farmboy… hee hee

25 Responses to Comic 627 – “Late Start”

  1. I like the comics this size… though to be honest I didn’t notice they had gotten bigger. Though that may have to do with the fact I pretty much roll out of bed and check on the comic so I’m usually not fully awake when I read and comment on them lol.

    • Cool, good to know! I forget to change the settings back to normal and then I publish them and it’s all… “oh!”

  2. I didn’t really notice it either to be honest, despite having the restricted screen size of a laptop for my only means of displaying them…

  3. I didn’t notice either, but I like them better this way!

    The fact that everyone took it naturally in stride is probably a sign that it is a positive improvement.

    I always read them from my phone for the first time. So I just zoom in to one panel at a time anyway…

  4. In other news, I’m looking for anime recommendations myself- a near-full list of stuff I’ve already seen lurks in the thread Errol made on the subject… not for the faint hearted due to size and general lack of spoiler tags.

  5. I like them big – then I can read them from a distance on my laptop.

    I love your con comics. This is totally me and my friends at any convention I’ve ever dragged them to. I’ve had to get very good at getting into costume in the dark. There’s so much to do at cons, why would you possibly want to sleep in?

      • I do. Not to the extent of others I’ve had the pleasure of passing time with, but I love to get into costume.

      • Kaylee (from Firefly) is my only real strict character cosplay. I’ve also just recently put the finishing touches on my knight – which began as an excuse to wear my maille vest that I made. Others include Sidhe and a steampunk that still needs a bit of work before I’m happy.

      • Oooh, you made a maille vest? I… don’t know what that is.

        A tenant I used to have used to do his own chainmail. 😀

        Do you have pic of the maille vest? That sounds cool!

      • Yay! More con going cosplayers here! And me, I’m dying for armor. My minion said he was making me chain mail… but I’ve long since learned to stop taking the word of someone who plots to betray me every year.

      • Do you cosplay as well? What characters are yours?

        Normally, I just do jewelry, dicebags, and the like, but Dad wanted a vest, so I gave it a try. I’m really happy with how it turned out, but with working, the thing took me a couple months to finish. I recently made a simple coif to go with it, but that’s all the armor I’ve done so far. Someday, though, I’m thinking of seeing if I can do some bracers…

      • I have a few million costume pieces. I’ve done some in the past that I don’t anymore. Like Kikiyo and Kaede from Inu Yasha. Was using that to make a Rei (sailor moon) Miko costume, but my cats kept trying to eat Phoebos and Demos. May reconstruct that costume soon. I’ve done Chichiri (Fushigi Yuugi), and I have a fantastic XIII jacket (Kingdom Hearts) and am working on my wig collection so that I can do all the members. Working on Zexion and Axel’s wigs at the moment. And (spoiler) is already done, but I want to finish one last prop. I’ve done Katniss from Hunger Games, but only at work. I have a Testament costume (Soul Caliber) that I inherited, but have never worn. I also have Skuld (aa My goddess.) I know I cosplayed from air, because I remember who the rest of my group went as, but I have no clue who I was, which is odd, lol. I have Sunako Nakahara and Noi Chan from Wallflower/Perfect Girl evolution. Yomiko Readmen from Read Or Die is a lot of fun, because I get to carry books around all day, and pose by reading. L from Death Note, but considering that to pull him off you have to be IN character the whole time, I only do that occasionally. I had a Hunni-senpai (Ouran) cosplay, but I got glomped too much, so I swapped to Kyouya, and that helped. But I can’t fit the jacket anymore, so I loaned it and the tie to my cousin. I also did Lady Subabru from .hack, but a glomper almost knocked me down the stairs. I did Shorty (Bust a Move/Groove) but had issues with someone who didn’t seem to get that I was in a costume, and wasn’t ACTUALLY her. X.X One of my earliest was Queen Serenity, but I don’t have a good wig for that at the moment. I also have Amu from Shugo Chara. I had a starfleet costume I had put together years ago. So we’re doing a Star Trek thing at my job, and since i couldn’t find it, I had to buy a premade one, which annoyed me, but the nose ridges, ear piece, and the rest will all be me. And once I find my old pips and my own comn badge I can remake the costume myself if I want and use this one as a backup. I feel like I’m missing a few, but I can’t place them at the moment.

        And of course, then there are the days I just wear a wig for fun. Not really a cosplay but still tons of fun.

      • Those sound awesome! You reminded me that I also have a Hiei (YuYu Hakusho) which I’m now thinking of pulling out again. I also used to have a homemade Starfleet uniform, but I’m not sure where all the pieces got to. For a long while I also wanted to put together a Jaedite costume, but I can’t sew to save my life, and I never found anything that I liked well enough.

        I would love to see your Rei cosplay. Sailor Moon was my introduction to anime/manga and also one of my first big fandoms. Sailor Mars was my favorite. 😀

      • Ah, sorry, maille = chainmail 🙂 The vest I made has a dragon inlay pattern on the front and back and has blue trim. I’ll have to dig up a picture once I get home. It was originally for my father, but he won’t wear it to conventions because it gets him too much attention. I have no such qualms 😀

  6. Replying here since the thread ran out of reply space. I may unearth Rei one of these days. Who knows, maybe I’ll take her to con this summer. But I’d rather get a new Gi top first, and I’ve been putting that off. The one I use now is shared amongst so many costumes that it’s getting ratty, and it’s stained from the monk beads Chichiri always wears. I just got my command uniform shirt in the mail, tried it on. All I can say is I’ll be performing “the Picard maneuver” a lot. It is not a good fit, and it is designed so oddly. I may just break down and get a shirt made to order, but then I’ll feel compelled to get a new Ro wig… Meh, we’ll see.

    • Which cons do you attend?

      I was tempted to try Bajoran – I made a neat earcuff and had a serviceable uniform – but I could never get the makeup to make me look anything other than a burn victim 🙁 I always admire those who can work magic with that stuff.

      • My make up is going to be lip liner, nothing to envy there.

        I go to Otakon every year, and try to get to a second most years. I almost never make it to anything but Otakon.