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Comic 628 – “Soundcheck Complete”


Errol: Errol: Poor Manpans. She waited forever for breakfast. And yes, you will find a silly video of me dancing to AT-ATs in the snow on Facebook. And Debs will kill me after she reads this comic. Good thing she’s far away.
Whitless: I can indeed confirm that there was an epic wait for breakfast. I can also confirm that yes, Debs will kill him πŸ˜€
Errol: Edit: And for Jules, I have found out how to embed this video!

47 Responses to Comic 628 – “Soundcheck Complete”

  1. Far away is not going to stop Debs killing Errol… She just needs access to artillery.

    In terms of favourite video games, I’ve got to admit to being part of the pokemon generation, they were the first console games I owned, and they’re probably the ones I replay the most. On the PC I also used to play a lot of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights…

  2. Debs must be bringing back an At-At army with her.

    Eh… video games. My first one was Nintendogs when I was 7 or 8. I’ve tried to get into Pokemon, but I can’t beat any of my games. (BTW Magikarp = <3)
    My favorite video game is Animal Crossing because I can just play and it's really something that relaxes me after a long day of school.

    • The great thing is, her battery ran out. πŸ˜€

      And she doesn’t read through comments if it’s over 10, I think. πŸ˜€

      I played Animal Crossing. I do admit I was more into Harvest Moon.

  3. I’ve never played many video games – I’m generally a fan of pen and paper rpgs – but a friend has recently introduced me to Tales of the Abyss, and it’s a blast. Now, if I could only stop running into walls and figure out how to go up and down the gorram ladders…. At least my inability to manipulate the controls is of amusement to said friend.

    A couple years ago, I was also addicted to Heroes IV on my mac, but then I went back to school… But, hey, I’m taking the summer off! Yay games πŸ˜€

    • Heroes IV was good! I had to get Arcomage as a separate game.

      Which pen and paper ones do you play? Gurps? D&D?

      • I really like Heroes IV – I tried out V, but couldn’t really get into it.

        At the moment, I’m in a couple of 4th edition D&D campaigns, but I’m hoping that the DM will start a Dresden game soon as well. Can’t have too many games, right? At a local convention, I recently got to play a bunch of different systems including: Horror rules, Marvel, a few FATE-based games, and a couple of independant homemades that were a bit of everything. Also several massively enjoyable board games. I’ve heard a little bit about Gurps, but haven’t been able to play it as yet.

      • My dad prefers to run GURPS over any other system, save the ones that he or someone else in the family has designed. It’s actually really good, and emphasizes character over combat pretty heavily.

      • My dad started the series with Three, and got really hooked on it. When IV came out, he liked some parts, but really missed others. Like being able to upgrade the creatures in your fort. I think we might still have it, I’ll probably give it a try this summer if it will play on my mac.

      • Yep! My folks loved the whole Might and Magic Series, so we got most of them. My sister gave me Arcomage for a gift one birthday because I kept stopping the story line of the game to go back to the tavern to play cards all the time. Don’t think I ever actually finished that one. But Heroes of Might and Magic…. I fell in love with those. Turn based strat games are epic and awesome. So I spent a lot of time on troop deployment and calculating upgrades. I think I have every edition that came out. One of the reasons I had to install windows on my mac was so I could still play them. The only one I ever didn’t enjoy was the one they tried to put out on…I think it was playstation. Oh, it was HORRIBLE. But all the PC editions were awesome. I used to be so addicted.

  4. Zug Zug!

    Gamer here. So the list could be… expansive…

    Atari – probably Jouster or Burger Time.
    Nintendo (Original) – Mendel’s Palace and Klax
    Sega – Nearly anything with Sonic in it, though I do have a soft fondness for Echo the Dolphin.
    Dream Cast – Bomberman Online (which wasn’t actually online) and Puzzle Fighter.
    Mid Range systems – Puzzle League (Pokemon), Culdcept
    Amiga – Dungeon Quest
    Early PC – Magic The Gathering, Toonstruck, Creatures, Castle of Mad Dr. Brain.
    Modern PC/Mac – Heroes of Might and Magic, World of Warcrack, Sims.
    Ipad – Puzzle and Dragons, Spectromancer, and now Catan and Yaniv.

    Currently in my 3DS – Pokemon Black
    Currently in my PSP – Disgaea

    And of course, there is Katamari – a game series I hate but can’t stop playing, and Animal crossing…

    I love games, could you guess?

    Oh, and old online games – Medevia. I dreamed in MUD last night.

    • Echo the Dolphin! I hated that game because I was little and my sister would play and I could never figure it out no matter how hard I tried!

      • Oh I hardly tried. That was one of my least gamery moments, I would boot that game up for hours on end just to have fun dancing around and jumping the dolphin in the start area.

      • That’s all I would do as well. All the jumps and flips… Good times not progressing in a game at all and not caring

      • ROFL. I just had a blast with that part. I think I did finish the game once, but it was more fun scaring schools of food… I mean fish, and seeing how high I could jump, how many flips I could do.

  5. If I had to pick one favorite, it would be Sims 2. I have always enjoyed telling stories, even if only to myself (usually only to myself), and Sims 2 accidentally became an outlet for that. I enjoy using the photo album as a way of telling a family’s story through multiple generations, embellishing where the story takes a dramatic turn, and staging pictures just for the sake of the story. I take long breaks from the game now and then, but always go back and enjoy re-reading the stories I have in progress. If only I could spend so much time, effort, and creativity on my real writing…

    I also have a history with World of Warcraft, but in the last few expansions have lowered my enjoyment by chunks at a time, and now I just don’t care anymore (though I did have to use a free week offer for dormant accounts to try out PokeWoW…er, “pet battle.”

    Overall, I’ve never been much of a gamer. I don’t usually play a game until I’ve been hounded for a while, or have seen it played and feel it’s worth taking the time to try to learn (I don’t pick up on game mechanics very easily). It’s only because of my husband that I’ve played most of the games I’ve played (except Sims). I enjoy the Civilization games, Command and Conquer, FF Tactics on the Advance, and I did get into FFVII way back when.

    And before WoW was Ragnarok Online, which I was quite into for a time. I actually have Ragnarok to thank for even being here today. I was once a member of a forum of RO fanfiction writers, and back in October of 2007, one of them posted a link to NaNoWriMo. I doubt I would have heard about it at all, even since then, if not for that.

    • Got to love when you can say with confidence that gaming changed your life for the better?

      I’m a WOW addict. I can scroll of Res you if you ever want to come back. (I’d wink, but some people here dislike that) I actually like the new expansion best of all of them. The Darenai and Blood Elves were cool, but the Pandarians are epic.

      • Yes, there’s definitely some better in there. Though what is apparently a rather obscure MMO, playing iRO did a lot for me in general–brought me here (VERY roundabout way), introduced me to NaNoWriMo, and also inspired a lot of fanfiction, which was the first writing I had done since high school, and some of it was even good (in my opinion, and that of a few others who’ve read it, at least).

        Though on the other side, too often I play games during my free time, and get nothing else done.

        I was a WoW addict for many years, and probably still would be. In fairness, it’s not that I dislike the expansions (I haven’t even really tried the newest one) themselves. It’s more that I’ve just never been great with change. I start really understanding the game, even making headway into end-game gear, and they come out with an expansion that not only makes my gear obsolete, but changes the entire way you play the game. I know I’m not the only one that has to deal with it, but I’ve never been very good with learning video games. Okay, I’ll stop before I sound even more whiny. But really, it was easier to stop than I’d anticipated, simply because I couldn’t afford it (just bought a house), and found many other things to do with the time I used to spend on WoW. I may take you up on that scroll of res at some point though. It’s nice to go back now and then.

      • I’ll happily send you one. And I have a few guilds across different realms. The ones I rule, you’d be welcome in. I know what you mean about relearning. When they decided hunters no longer get magic, but use focus like Druids I was ready to spit nails. I had so many blue potions and a bag full of nectars and teas.. but I did adjust to that, and I’ll give focus this… it replenishes FAST. Did have to change all my mana regen enchantments, though. And I still love playing a hunter. However my warlock is now no fun to play at all, and if I didn’t need bags, he’d still be a level 25 gathering dust. He used to be fun. So much loverly DOTs. So many? So much? Not sure the grammar on damage over time, but that isn’t the point. Basically now playing him is like slogging through mud.
        But the monks are tons of fun. I want to make a Worgan monk. That idea amuses me.

    • I can’t believe I forgot Portal…I watched my husband play, and thought I’d never be able to handle it. But when I finally tried, I LOVED it, and now I wish there was more!

      • I tried the first game. Decided I’d play it until I died once. Got pretty far, but wasn’t really enjoying it. I died and since that was all I said I was going to play I got up. Shocked my sister. She asked if I was sure, I said I was. She asked if I wanted to try the level again later. I said I didn’t. A week later she asked again, I told her I still had no interest. She asked if it was okay to use my save slot to make a new game, I said sure. After she deleted my save she told me “by the way, you were on the next to last level, one more and you would have gotten to (spoiler)” Given how much I hated (Spoiler) THAT I might have enjoyed… :: twitches violently:: But I will say this, I love the music from Portal. And the Fan vids.

      • I actually started with Portal 2, and then went back and played the 2nd one afterwards. Ah yes, Wheatley…

      • I really need to finish portal 2…

        (I think this every time the Wheatley song comes up on my youtube playlist or someone mentions portal, but it hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t played it in so long I can’t even remember where I got to. Maybe I’ll get round to it after my exams.)

    • I LOVE THE SIMS 2! I bought the Sims 3 but my compy has heating issues and won’t play it right now. Sad times. In Sims 2, I gave my sim a family aspiration and tried to get them to fullfil their life goal of having 10 babies. It’s so hard. I had to save up for one of those Life Infusing machines that reverse the aging process because it was next to impossible to get 10 babies in the Sims lifespan.

      Imagine that. Being forcibly kept alive and young so you can keep breeding. Then of course there’s too many children to keep track of so they failed school and had to go to military school because I really wanted to master painting instead of helping them with their homework or cooking for them. they lived off chips and cookies.

      I will be a terrible parent.

      • There are numerous things I do to my Sims that would be absolutely horrible in real life. I get bored with toddlers and make them just sit and stare at a wall for a while. I force people together who have nothing in common…so they think. I also used to sit elders down at computers to write novels until they die, because once they’ve reached their lifetime goal, they bore me. And those are just things I can think of right now.

        I have Sims 3, and I do enjoy it too, but in a different way. It doesn’t have the same way of handling extended family, and I don’t like watching my family move on without me. But it definitely has its own charms.

        And I think what you’ve really learned is that if you have children someday, you should not take up painting.

      • I have a sim currently with that ambition. She was SUPPOSED to have the master criminal ambition, but it’s hard to earn promotions in any line of work if you’re constantly on maternity leave. She literally would work one day, get three off for being pregnant, three off after the kid is born, 2 days off for weekend, work one day….and boom, three and three off again. I think I’m five kids in and not once has her dead beat unemployed rock star boyfriend asked to marry her. She’s too good for him anyway. And she was a lousy crook, got arrested too many times, so all in all, not so sorry I took the opportunity to swap her life time wish when it presented.

        I loved two. But then, I loved one also. I think I’ve had every major expansion in 1 and 2, still catching up on three. Not the stuff packs, though.

  6. I’ve been playing a lot of WarFrame lately. It’s Free Co-op and has some nice innovations in it.

    Has any one else tried it?

      • Yes, it is a FPS. Space based. You are Tenno, kinda like the nearly extinct Jedi Knights – except your powers come from your “warframe” suits. The Grineer (the empire) is hunting you to extinction and using your tech and oh yeah, they are clones. There is also the Corpus faction that uses armies of Droids to attack you.

        It only really sounds like it is stealing from Star Wars when you describe it….

      • ROFLOLMAO. Well, if hey ever make a turn base strat game of it, where I don’t need a gun, you just let me know, okay? ::grin::

        My cousin is a HUGE fan of FPS games. Um, the last one he was on about a lot was Gears of War, I think. Now he plays Diablo III more than anything else.

  7. Warcrack! That would be the only I game I play… regularly. The expansions never bothered me because I play SO slow that I was never at max level when the new expansion came out. However by the next one my main will probably be maxed… hopefully. I also skip all over the place there. Sometimes I do classic quests, sometimes BC, Wrath and such. I will say I have not done any Pandaran content yet except for the starter area. I’m highly amused that I wanted a Worgen so badly and he’s been stuck in his starter area since Cata, and I wasn’t sure about the Pandaran yet I got both out of their starter areas. Come to think of it my Death Knights are still in their starter areas also. Oops.

    As for other games I do like Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon.

    • And you finish none of them. But that’s okay, it’s part of your charm.

      Had a bad morning, so didn’t get any homework done, so probably wont be on Warcrack much tonight at all. I’ll let you know, via text.

  8. Everyone here knows I love adventure games. So I’m going to list my favourite NON-adventure games. Oh yeah. I’m going wild!
    -Portal 2
    -Silent Hill 2
    -Walking Dead (okay…that’s technically an adventure game)
    -Mario 2
    -Paper Mario
    -Zelda- Majora’s Mask
    -Beyond Good and Evil
    -Uncharted 3

    • You may have hit on a hot topic. Who’d have thought geeks would talk a lot about video games?

      • May have hit on a hot topic? ::Grins:: Next time narrow the field, Errol. Ask about a sub-set. Then again, you asked about video games and some of us started talking paper RPGs, so maybe that wouldn’t help after all….

      • I don’t know, the comments didn’t even get close to 100, so it couldn’t have been THAT hot a topic. πŸ˜€

  9. I am in love with the Lego games! Only missing two which I just haven’t had the opportunity to get yet. I also play the assassins creed series a lot. Ooh and fable, love the fable series. My first video game was sonic 2 on sega genesis so it is a favorite also.

  10. Just once. I have a sonic collection and I think it’s on there but you have to unlock it but I always just play the same games and never unlock anything new