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Comic 629 – “Breakfast Quest”


Errol: Poor Manpans. And I don’t know when Debs eats. I think she eats to humour us. Like when robots pretend to eat to blend in? Ya. Something like that.
Whitless: I was just happy to get food. I’m not picky :D. Although I do love me a bacon mcmuffin without cheese and was looking forward to it. I would love to be one of you righteous people who always says “Oh, I never eat McDonald’s, I know how bad it is and frankly I don’t even feel like it”. I am no such person. I eat it once a month, and I still love every moment of it.

22 Responses to Comic 629 – “Breakfast Quest”

  1. I used to only eat once a day. Lost all my college weight during that time. Good days. XD (I should point out that this was not a conscious choice but simply what happened with the schedule I was living at the time. That being, being up all night, in bed by 6ish and up at 2 in the afternoon.)

    I’m actually not big on breakfast but I do tend to eat it more than I actually want to.

    Heh I love McDonald’s (and most fast food) but I don’t eat it very often now (this was a very different story when I was a kid). When I do get it I tend to splurge and get a huge quantity that will tide me over until the next time I have it. *thinks* I think I eat McDonald’s about once or twice a year now. I have Taco Bell about once a year. Though now that I have discovered Taco kits AND that I can make them with no problem I may not need to go to Taco Bell anymore… except for the sauces lol.

    • …………..

      Funny, I seem to remember having to come over to make sure you REMEMBERED to eat, or bothered to go into the kitchen for food. Honestly, your laziness sometimes…

      Not that I ever minded coming over.


      • Yeah that was after. I was talking about when I was living in PA after college. I still forget to eat sometimes. It depends on how involved I am in things. XD

      • Well I knew about them in the sense that I saw them but I had never tried them before until recently. I don’t really do the cooking thing much so I tend to avoid things that say ‘add meat’ and such lol.

  2. My objection to McDonalds was always on grounds of flavour- so I frequented Burger King instead… I’m trying to cut back on that these days, much as I like a Bacon Double Cheeseburger…

    • Ooo I miss Burger King. There’s none near me so the only time I get it is if an airport has it in the food court. I suppose I could also drive 40 mins to Orlando and find one there but that seems a bit extreme for a burger lol.

  3. I love breakfast foods, I just hate having to be awake at breakfast TIMES. Mc Donald’s makes the bet fast food breakfasts ever, I LOVE an egg and cheese McGriddle. Sweet and salty all at once and those bursts of syrup are epic.

    The problem with McD’s though, is how much they vary from location to location, and not in a good way. The one closest to me has a staff who handles the burger patties with the same gloves they use for the onions. So I can’t eat burgers there. I have an onion allergy. But their nuggets are the best. The one that is most covenant when we are driving somewhere puts some odd chemical in their shake that makes my brain go fuzzy and knocks me out. I have the exact same shake at other locations, and I’m almost always fine. And that one always over charges and cheats us to boot. X.X McD fries are the only ones I like, but they’re never consistent, so I can’t ever tell if I should get a small or a large. (Mediums make no sense the way they’re priced around here)

    And if by all that you drew the conclusion I eat fast food a lot, you’ be correct. My bosses love that I’m willing to make food runs for them, since they’re under strict rules about when they can and can’t leave the building on shift. I love that when I make food runs I’m on the clock using my phone or ipod an taking a walk. And the fact that I can pick up my own food at the same time rocks. So I do a lot of McDs and Wendys. Wendy’s has the BEST burgers, and I adore vanillia frostys but the fries taste too much like actual potatoes. EW.

    When I stay at my friend’s house for the summer though, her family does fast food a few times a day, because no one is hungry at the same times. I, on the other hand, am ALWAYS hungry. So I usually get french toast sticks from BK before bed (Breakfast time for her mom who has a day job), either subway or Wendy’s for lunch (or sometimes I fend for myself on left over Pizza hut), Wendy’s or McDs or Taco bell for dinner and Taco Bell or McDs for a midnight snack. And all that for about what one meal would cost at any of those places around here. I swear, one time three of us were eating we got change back from a ten. When I go on my own with a ten, I’m lucky to get back more than coins! Mind, by the time I get home from my summer adventures, I’m ready for a fast food break, which my folks love because around here it is EXPENSIVE, especially when you have a black hole for a stomach like I do. But then I beg my mom to cook… and she likes that a bit less, lol.

    Oh, 2 unrelated things. Maybe 3.

    1 – Just rereading Harry Potter. Odd bit of oddly relevant trivia. Anyone remember the name of the old, tired, worn down owl Ron uses?

    2 – The Hub now has Animaniacs. Thought you guys might want to know.

    • 1 – Errol

      2 – We know. 😀 *laugh* We are a geeky crowd here!

      Oh, and I am always peckish as well. 😀 If you hung out with us, we’d always be going out to eat. 😀

      I’ve cut down now. I want to look svelte for my wife.

      • I’m god with always going out to eat. And if I’m with you, a good way to cut down is to order things I like, then feed me whatever you decide you probably shouldn’t eat. :: Grin::

    • I’m not a huge breakfast person, but you’re making me so hungry right now! I work in a library inside of a shopping maul (pun intended), and almost right next to the food court. Having to go through the back halls and wade through the grease/bleach clouds normally rids me of the desire for fast food, but at the moment, I would just about kill for one of McDonald’s little cheeseburgers…

      I also generally make sure to eat a big breakfast when I’m at a convention. Then I don’t have to eat again until late evening when I can (hopefully) make room in my schedule.

      1 – The owl! I’d completely forgotten about Ron’s owl 😀 Now I know why Errol’s name sounded so familiar when I first heard of them. Thanks, Lore!

      • ::Grins:: Glad to be of service. I just kind of… stared at the page. Didn’t catch it when it was mentioned in book one, if it was. caught it when Mr. Weasly almost sat on him.

  4. The very first time I had McDonalds, I was sick in the middle of the night. It may not have been related, but it successfully put me off, so I am one of the people who never feels like eating McDonalds. It helps me resist other fast food chains as well, but I do like Chinese takeaways.

    • Oh yum! Almost got that today, but since I’m going to OD on Pizza hut tonight, I figured it is better to wait for another day.

      • Yep, all depends how you do it. A place near me makes this fantastic dish with fried plantains, I used to get it and eat it walking home with chopsticks, like I would have eaten french fries. (Yes, I have eaten french fries with chopsticks.)

      • Yummiest thing in the world to do with fried plantains is to drench them in honey. I bet cinnamon would taste good there too…. hmmm…. must experiment.

  5. McDonalds fries are my favorite. We tend to eat fast food frequently due to hectic scheduling.

  6. McDonalds is the best. The fries are the best. The hashbrowns are the best.
    Oh, and have you tried the new Chicken wrap thingy? Tasty stuff! 🙂

    Taco bell comes at a very close second. I do love my tacos. <3