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Comic 630 – “First FKO Concert”


Errol: This is not true. This did not happen. But rest assured. Some form or another, this happened. Debs was off. I was wanting to eat. And manpans was worried. 😀
Whitless: Musicians…they’re just impossible…
Debs: Yeah…I’m confused. There was no chili in the con suite.
Errol: There was totally chili. Just because you need to interact with your fans doesn’t mean there wasn’t chili!

17 Responses to Comic 630 – “First FKO Concert”

  1. I ship far too many couples to list them all. Most tend to be male/male pairings though. XD

  2. I actually don’t ship people- I guess I just don’t think that way.

      • Of course, I also- now that I know about shipping- make snarky comments involving actual ships just to be obtuse…

    • Me neither. The only time I ever want a couple to get together is when the author has set it up to be that way. Even then, it takes some pretty big clues before I start thinking about their interactions as romantic ones – my default assumption is always that they’re just friends.

      • Yes, I am a huge fan of the idea of ‘just friends’. This makes for some interesting debates between me and a friend of mine who enjoys shipping just about every pair she finds. When at a local anime convention last year, I had to commission a girl in the Artists’ Alley just to get a picture of a certain pair of characters that *wasn’t* either extremely suggestive or downright naughty.

      • This is a problem that Manpans and I have to discuss because for all of our youtube ventures, we are not a couple and don’t have any intentions of there being a romantic involvement between our characters.

        The ONLY time there was, was the sketch “Date Night”.

  3. I’ve never been really interested in shipping non-canon pairings, or even canon pairings for that matter 😛 I tend to be pretty dense when it comes to romance and am generally more interested in the other aspects of stories. The only time I broke this pattern was for an online Sailor Moon rp that I was involved in for a couple years where a friend and I played Rei and Jadeite.

    On another note, a big ‘woot’ for consuites! This is just a beautiful concept.

  4. I don’t either, at least not usually. I think I only supported one once in the only fan fiction I’ve ever read. it was Harry Potter, and it got to be very well written as her chapters went on. the author has since gone on to be a published author as well! Anyway, that one she ended up shipping Ginny and Draco. I loved it so much that when the final book came out, I simply couldn’t get into the romances J.K. Rowling had devised because the other ones were just written better.

  5. As StarFire would say, please do explain the meaning of this shipping of people..

    • Taking two, or sometimes more, characters from an established world and putting them in a romantic relationship whether or not it is suggested in the canon. Creating same-gender pairings, especially males, is very common.

    • I kinda had to look it up. I knew the general idea of it, that it involved romance between characters, but not the extent of it, nor how it was used as a verb.

      That being said…I don’t really do that at all. There may have been the odd movie or TV show where I thought, or even kind of hoped, two characters might get together, but never to the extent of imagining or planning how it might work out.

      Though in a similar vein, I’ve found that I sometimes suffer from the syndrome of “everyone must have someone” when I’m writing. I don’t intentionally think, “Hey, this character is alone, let’s make someone for him/her,” but I still seem to aim already created characters toward eventually falling in love with each other. I’m trying to get better.

  6. Wow, really expected a looooong post from Jez, lol. My two best friends are shippers. I am not, but once in a blue moon they rub off on me. Case in point, Reading the new Elantra book… that series I gt ticked off at because the author subtly hints at the possibility of romance between the main and three others, two of whom I hate. There is now far less subtlety between her and two of them now, making an exclusionary triangle which only annoys me because I ACTIVELY hate the two males in the triangle, and adore the excluded third. Not so much that I care who she winds up with, I just want the two I hate to have less “screen time”.

    Generally I don’t bother with shipping, but there are a few like that which are notable exceptions.

    Though I was in class today and someone was talking about fixing something, and they said “Right the ship.” and for a moment I thought they said write the ship. Didn’t help that my presentation today was on Nanowrimo…

    • *shrug* I kinda knew I was in the minority already so there was no point in boring people with my fan-girl tendencies lol. Besides if I started I would want to list all of them… and try to remember all of them so that would be a frightening list. XD