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Comic 631 – “FKO Banquet”

Errol: To the mysterious benefactor(s), thank you so much. You made our Filk experience so much better with your generosity. We ALL had a great time. Thank you so much.
Whitless: I want to know who to thank. I even asked Errol again last night. It’s driving me mad. He gave hints such as “it’s someone I know” which…gee, THANKS. So for now, yes, thank you very much. Considering I was just tagging along for fun times and didn’t even have anything to offer to the con, it was insanely awesome to also get me to that banquet. I had such a fun time!

2 Responses to Comic 631 – “FKO Banquet”

  1. Leslie, Devin, and I all received tickets from someone who couldn’t make it as well. That’s the way it goes sometimes. We didn’t get a chance to thank the benefactors, but we hugged Judith quite vigorously.