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Comic 632- “Photoshopped”

Whitless: Poor Errol. He was incredibly tired and feeling rather sick with allergies so I offered to do the comic. I’ve never done the comic. I tried MS Paint. It frustrated me with its lack of options. So then I tried Photoshop (completely petrified of course…I’m no fool, I know how hard it is to master it). It overwhelmed me with its insane number of options. I’ve never touched Photoshop in my life much less done a comic with one. Almost all of Errol’s entire subway ride home was me pestering him with questions. I think he’d prefer a creative partner who actually has some skills. Then of course he went to bed and most of my time was spent googling how to use photoshop. It is now 1:15am. I started this thing at 10:30. Approximately 30 minutes was used actually drawing the comic. If you see the photoshop file it is an absolute mess of these things called “layers”. I’m sure there’s an efficient way to do this, but for now…this is good enough…AW CRAP, I just noticed the comic title was accidently made green…screw it. Green is prettier. I’m going to get Errol to teach me more hopefully. I am going to be so cranky at work tomorrow.

23 Responses to Comic 632- “Photoshopped”

  1. Errol I feel your allergy pain! Mine are made so much better this allergy season due to the fact that I can’t take anything to relieve them except children’s Benadryl which knocks me out so I can only take it at night… Oh the fun of allergies

  2. I think it’s brave of you to even attempt photoshop. I couldn’t draw a stick figure by hand to save my life much less by computer.

    And poor Errol; allergies can be completely horrible. I didn’t know until recently that a cat can have allergies, and now my Wendy is sneezing all over the place. Between her, me, and my parents, the whole house is one big festival of pollen-induced misery. Oh the fun, indeed.

      • I know! I had to call my vet, and she said that it’s not necessarily common, but it can happen, especially when the weather changes abruptly. Though her little kitty sneezes are so cute! The first couple times, I couldn’t help but but laugh, and then Wendy gave me the Glare of Death. She is not amused.

  3. I probably also need to learn the skills that would make comics like this possible- though I’d probably pick up Inkscape for the job- I know plenty of people on my other forums who use it- and one of them has even put up a tutorial for it that is connsidered to be pretty good.

    Maybe I’ll try and do that in the next week or two…

    We need Manda Art tag- to sit alongside the Debs art tag.

  4. Flattening the layers as you go may help. You don’t need multiple layers to exist by the end of a project like this.

    And yes, allergies are horrible, and I curse them. The really bad ones haven’t started for me yet, but once they do, it will be like having a violent cold for months…only worse, as violent colds don’t generally make your eyes itch and swell. I have a series of related allergies to fresh fruit, so I can’t even console myself with some nice cherries.

  5. Yay Manda-art! Manda always deserves wings. XD

    Errol’s posts aren’t yellow today…

  6. I have allergies year round, and I always feel like eating….

    I have 24 hour otc allergy medicine (generic for Zyrtec) but even though it is a 24 hour “non drowsy” i have to take it before I go to sleep. x.x

    Manda – I’m no expert at PS, not by a long shot, but what I know, I’m always willing to share. you can email me any time, day or night and if I’m around, I’ll gladly help. For this, unless you have his raw files, however, I highly recommend Illustrator if it came with your photoshop. The vector tools seem, to me, more conducive to creating something new.

  7. Allergies… I’ve been sick for like 3 years. I think it’s my dog. I use claritin, though it’s only a sometimes thing.

    OMG Manda how do you use photoshop? It’s amazing that you did the comic considering that you’ve never worked with photoshop before! 😀 great job!

  8. It’s a great coup for the computer disoriented! And I mean really, what else was he going to do while on the subway?

    And apparently I’m in the minority, because I don’t really have many allergies to deal with.

    • I wouldn’t say a lack of allergies puts you in the minority- my only allergy is a peanut allergy, which is simple enough to avoid.

      • Two people can certainly be a minority. I just kept reading comments agreeing with how horrible allergies are in everyone’s comments. Looking back through now, you, Jezbel, and I are the only ones who didn’t share Errol’s pain.

        …I can’t believe I just spent time looking for support to defend my position on that.

      • No “poor Errol” anytime!

        I was explaining to Manpans that my calves were sore from the race and she sympathized and said “Poor Errol. That’s awful” and I was all, “Oh, no it’s fine actually. I’m more telling you a status update than I am complaining.”

        I thought it was funny that I was walking around like my legs were made out of wood. 😀

        Same thing happened with Debs. I was explaining I was having trouble breathing while in bed and she immediately empathized with me telling me how much it sucked. And I was all, “Actually, I was only telling you because I already said gnight and then I started texting you half an hour later. I didn’t want you to think I was a liar about the gnight thing!”

        And it made me think about whether or not me talking about my ailments, or supposedly bad things happening, sounds like complaining. I hope not.

      • I think it’s more a commentary on those to whom you’re talking, that they immediately sympathize with you. It’s natural for (some) people. Most people don’t understand someone like you who is genuinely happy all the time and really has no complaints (yet wants to share EVERYthing).

        Now that I think about it, I’ve done the same before, talking about something unpleasant that’s going on with me, only to realize that it might be taken as complaining, but it’s not. It’s just sharing. Not that I don’t complain about things sometimes too though.

      • “Most people don’t understand someone like you”…

        Yes… this is true. 😀

        One day, I may find someone that does.

  9. Also, Manda, you look a lot happier in the comic than your blog indicates that you were. 🙂

    • *laugh* Poor Manpans. She does take everything in stride and finds humour in a lot of the things she blogs about.