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Comic 659 – “Gnomoria”


Errol: Tomorrow is Fan Fiction The Show: The Walking Dead. I’m just doing some background music on the keyboard but I get to be a zombie! Huzzah! Zombie Pianist! I hope people take pictures. ^_^

Oh, and Gnomoria is a Dwarf Fortress clone. I really like playing it. *sigh*

Whitless: Last year I had an intervention with Errol about Terraria. Well, I say intervention. It mostly involved me stammering nervously that maybe he was playing too much and maybe he should write music for the musical. I am thinking maybe I will have to gear up for another one :D. I am also tired enough that I said my blurb name was Terraria and not Whitless. Awww, maybe I should write a letter from Terraria asking Errol where he is!

8 Responses to Comic 659 – “Gnomoria”

  1. An Errol Zombie. Ah THAT’S how to stop the zombie apocalypse! Errol would only make happy/bouncy zombies that would rebel against the normal shuffling/growling ones. XD

    • His would start out as a rebellion, but then the Errol/Zombie would begin the Conversion. And it would be Thriller all over the world. Except with Totoros and AT-ATs.

  2. I’m thinking back to the last time I was a zombie- was in a theatre company at the time and I got the dubious honour of getting decapitated by an electric guitar (also turning out to a midnight opening for Order of the Phoenix without having had time to fully remove my zombie makeup because the run of the show was that weekend)

      • Of course, that method of death is entirely my fault- I came up with it during one of the workshops while the script was still being written- and then it happened to me…

  3. I really did think that adding the blurb short code would make things dirt simple for you all. I wasn’t anticipating continued problems 🙂