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Comic 660 – “Late For Us”


Errol: It’s late when I’m posting this. So tired. Maybe Manpans can blurb about the awesome on Friday night.
Whitless: It WAS an awesome night! Errol and I went for Greek food and fancy dessert! Then we went to a party that Alex from Nerds With Guitars was organizing. I don’t know if I can talk much about it, but I was mushy feeling by the end. THEN we went and got Errol’s keyboard at his house so that we could bring it to mine so that we have an easier place to pick it up today. We dragged it across the subway system. It was really crowded. I was a little overwhelmed. I thought we’d just skip the game since it was midnight, but Errol still wanted to play. It’s really good so far! And tense! And you can only carry 16 bullets at a time! I can’t wait to play more!

Today is even longer. Not for me, I have a chance to nap. But Errol has a marathon day and then at midnight he’ll be playing at the Fan Fiction night! I’m going to dress up as a ZOMBIE! And this afternoon I’m filming another Whitless Letter! TALLY HO!

4 Responses to Comic 660 – “Late For Us”

  1. I feel a little guilty about my snarky comments on facebook regarding Errol’s priorities yesterday… Only a little mind (and if Errol tries guilting me, it WILL backfire, so I wouldn’t bother)

    • Alllooo!

      Don’t feel guilty! 😀 THat was never my intention, believe it or not. I like doing comics about everything!

      And I have a bit more energy now! Huzzah! I was SOOO busy over that weekend.

  2. Yay comic! Reading this has become my morning ritual. I wasn’t able to check it one day, and I started to develop a twitch :p

    Have fun with the zombies! Coincidently, my uncle, who loves all manner of gaming, is coming tonight, and I thought I’d teach him Zombie Dice. Fun times.

  3. I’ll add this here in case of people checking the website rather than facebook et al- No podcast tonight on grounds of exhaustion and tiredness.