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Comic 666 – Conference Call


Whitless: Yes, it’s me again. This comic…is not really funny :D. That’s because it is 3am. Errol asked me to do the comic again but I didn’t get home till 12:30, so my brain is not as sharp as it could have been. It CERTAINLY is not the best way to introduce Amy :D. This WAS however a true story from today.

Amy is known as an awesome person. She goes to all sorts of geek events and can do archery! And Errol has found her. And now he stalks her. This phone conversation happened. Poor Amy was getting ready or a picnic and Errol called her, then he conferenced in Lizette and I. And yes, I did go into a lengthy rant about how Errol gets pizza or wings every other Friday at his work. I hope I didn’t frighten Amy :D. For the record though, she laughed.

I also hope Errol doesn’t mind that I introduced Amy :D. Whatever, he asked me to do a comic so I can do WHATEVER I WANT! If only Photoshop didn’t have a mind of its own I could get these done faster. Maybe next time I won’t have to google “Why the crap do I have an outline on my paint tool get it gone NOW NOW NOW!”

Anyway, WELCOME AMY! I am sure Errol will have a more awesome comic for you. Oh WAIT THIS IS COMIC 666! Does this mean Amy is the devil? Absolutely.

Debs: Huzzah! Amy is awesome!

4 Responses to Comic 666 – Conference Call

  1. LOL Errol’s mass calls are fun! Ah… It was great back when Errol was unemployeed and I got to chat with Lizette in random calls when she was out walking, or Manpans as she was hiding in the stairwell at work…

    Yeah.. good times.. Errol should like quit his job or something. That was much more fun!

  2. Cool, another archer in the community! Amy, if you are lurking, love your name. What do you shoot, and whats your pull?