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Comic 666b – “Sapient Network”


Errol: On D&E Facebook wall, Devin mentioned I should do this. I thought it a was a great idea, and so he mentioned it should be a surprise. So I deleted it.

And then, I forgot which day it was going on and miscalculated. Darn, darn, darn. Ah well.

So now we have an extra comic.

Debs: You can hear Sapient’s death metal music here! I’ve collaborated with him a few times and he is full of win. He also likes lemurs.

6 Responses to Comic 666b – “Sapient Network”

  1. Man…I was totally paying attention when I hit 666. I made a fiery diabolical flashing banner and everything. *Shakes head sagely*

  2. I completely sniped Comic 666 with a totally non-threatening goofy non-devil type comic. Unless you consider Errol the devil. Which he might be?

  3. And… no mouseover. And the ‘O’ in Errol doesn’t have a smiley face again.

    …Must have been the devil.