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Happy 42nd Birthday Errol, From All of Us!

Errol, from the whole community, we wish you the best of days! You’ve inspired us all!

Happy Birthday Errol From All of Us!

And an Extra thanks to Lore Hera for all the work she put in on this video!!!!

Things mentioned in this video:
Every Major’s Terrible
[Parody] XKCD’s “Every Major’s Terrible”
3Geeks in a Pod Podcast
Debs and Errol Flabbergasters at their concert reception

Some more links from the cutting room floor.. (They may still be interesting!)
 Basement Vampire Video Blog
 Errol’s Stickfas Animation
Animation Sweat Shop

11 Responses to Happy 42nd Birthday Errol, From All of Us!

  1. Oh the video came out fantastic! Great job Lore and all the participants! 🙂

  2. That was very well done, everyone and Lore! Poor Lore Hera constantly given editing jobs!

    That was awesome though, I even sat through the whole thing and paid attention for 10 minutes! 😀

    Totally amazing! Thanks guys! 😀 <3 <3

    (Oh wait, I just noticed you linked the BVVB... oh dear... ) *laugh*

  3. This video is amazing, and so are all the other songs and videos. There are all awesome, and I’ll give all of them 42 thumbs up. (If I had thumbs… I’m only a number.)

  4. I agree. Lore did a fantastic job. Thanks to both Lore and Brian for organizing and maintaining the spirit and energy.

    I’m a towel.

  5. Ha, I definitely did not follow the guideline…at least, I thought it was a guideline, not a hard and fast rule :D. I hoep it was still okay! Great job Lore! Happy birthday Errol!

    • You missed the obvious punch line manpans!!!

      “Well it’s more of a guideline than a rule.”