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7 Responses to It’s not creepy at all is it?

  1. *LAUGH* Not creepy at all! It IS keeping me very busy!

    *laugh* So awesome! Thanks! 😀 😀

    Mmmm… wife’s bum….

  2. I almost gave up! I got a leg cramp from playing this song!! All for you Errol, all for you!

  3. Well it just makes me super happy to see you enjoy this video! Something less enjoyable is this Vogon poem that my processors have found.

    See, see the Happy sky
    Marvel at its big Puce depths.
    Tell me, Errol do you
    Wonder why the Totoro ignores you?
    Why its foobly stare
    makes you feel Grumpy.
    I can tell you, it is
    Worried by your Bilgesnipe facial growth
    That looks like
    A Eggs.
    What’s more, it knows
    Your Frak potting shed
    Smells of Leaf.
    Everything under the big Happy sky
    Asks why, why do you even bother?
    You only charm Poos.