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Tag Archives: Errol’s Birthday

Happy 42nd Birthday Errol, From All of Us!

Errol, from the whole community, we wish you the best of days! You’ve inspired us all! Happy Birthday Errol From All of Us! And an Extra thanks to Lore Hera for all the work she put in on this video!!!! Things mentioned in this video: Every Major’s Terrible [Parody] XKCD’s “Every Major’s Terrible” 3Geeks in… Continue

Hyper Asian Man

The eHermit offers “Hyper Asian Man” a parody of Secret Agent Man written by Steve Barri and P. F. Sloan. and made popular by Johnny Rivers: And he was brave/cruel enough to even sing it! There’s a man whose life could be no stranger. Once you’re introduced, you are in danger. He’ll text you all… Continue

Errol Errol

Jezbel presents “Errol Errol” a parody of Louie Louie by The KingsMen Errol Errol, can knit A lot of Totoro’s Aye yi yi yi, I said Errol Errol, sings about AT-ATs in The Snow Always has, a lot to say Makes new comics almost every day Likes to sing, about the Geek Does a 3Geeks… Continue

Meli: 42!

Meli gives us 42! a parody of 22 by Taylor Swift She even sings it in a video!!! It feels like the perfect time to celebrate Errol’s life Since it’s his birthday, uh uh uh uh It feels like the perfect time for Errol to express joy Biggest NaNo Fanboy, uh uh uh uh Well,… Continue