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Keep Calm! It’s Errol’s Birthday!!

Keep Calm It's Errol's Birthday
I actually found this on already Internet.
Amazing place, the Internet!

No not this Errol:

Errol Flynn, Swashbuckler
See that dashing fellow?
He cuts a fine figure!

THIS Errol!

Errol running and screaming
See that dashing fellow?
Man he’s fast!

And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

In fact, I probably shouldn’t say keep calm… Instead I should say

The Hitchhiker's Guild Don't Panic image

Because (though I think he had no idea) a bunch of us have been working together to come up with a creative tribute for his birthday… It was scary! We all pitched in and worked like a hive mind and called our emails The Swarm! And once it started, it was sort of like this:

So we came together and decided to celebrate Errol’s 42 birthday with Creativity and mayhem! We could think of no better way to celebrate!

Mercenary Penn is responsible for all of the interesting visitors who will be showing up through out the day and inspiring a lot of the rest us lot to this madness!

Jezbel created the wonderful banner at the top of the page!


As for the rest, watch for them coming as new posts through out the day. Check back every hour!!!

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